Bethesda enlists Rogue Warrior

New first-person squad-based tactical shooter in development by Zombie for Xbox 360, PS3, PC; game based on books by former SEAL Richard Marcinko.


Rogue Warrior

Purely a hypothetical situation, right?
Purely a hypothetical situation, right?

Navy SEALs may have taken a hit to their reputation thanks to a certain Charlie Sheen movie, but if Bethesda Softworks has its way, they're about to get their credibility back. The publisher of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has announced that its next game is Rogue Warrior, due in stores in fall 2007.

The game is being developed by Zombie Studios, the Seattle-based studio responsible for several military shooters, including games from the America's Army and Delta Force series. Rogue Warrior will do battle on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

A first-person shooter, Rogue Warrior is based on books by best-selling author and former Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko. Using squad-based tactics, gamers will lead a team behind enemy lines in present-day North Korea to evaluate the state of the country's nuclear technology.

Players will pursue global stability through 10 gameplay modes that cover both single-player and cooperative play for up to four gamers. The multiplayer mode features a unique tiling system, where teams mix and match landscapes to create up to 200 different maps.

For more details on Rogue Warrior, read GameSpot's recent preview.

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