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Bethesda E3 2019: Dishonored Dev Announces New Game, Deathloop

Time is not on either protagonists' side.


During the Bethesda E3 press conference, Arkane Studios announced brand-new title Deathloop. The first-person action game features an art style similar to Dishonored and Prey (little surprise there), and see its two assassin protagonists locked in a time loop.

Deathloop stars deadly rivals Colt and Julianna. Every time one of them dies, that person simply wakes up again in a different location with renewed life. Colt believes the only way to break the cycle and free himself from this prison of death is to find a way to kill Julianna once and for all. Julianna, on the other hand, enjoys the cycle of death and rebirth the two find themselves trapped in, and believes it will only continue if she keeps on killing Colt. As you can imagine, this leads to the two of them trying to kill each other over and over again. You can see for yourself in the trailer above.

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Like many of Arkane's previous titles, Deathloop features a mind-bending story and meticulously designed levels. Colt and Julianna have wall running abilities and also possess special, almost magical powers--which look a lot like the ones that Dishonored's Corvo uses. The two rival characters are trapped on an island. They may not be the only inhabitants, but given the huge amounts of murder that both Colt and Julianna reap on them, these other characters are most likely not friends.

Deathloop did not get a scheduled release date. Expected platforms were not announced either.

Though Arkane Studios did not confirm these details, Deathloop looks like it borrows Dishonored 2's two protagonist feature. We suspect you pick either Colt or Julianna at the beginning of the game, and your story unfolds differently depending on your choice. The trailer also seems to imply that the time loop mechanic seen in the Mooncrash DLC for Prey could be an influence on Deathloop as well. In the trailer, we see Colt and Julianna learning from their repeated attempts to kill each other, trading off who has the upper hand. That type of gameplay loop sounds a lot like what you have to do to overcome Prey: Mooncrash's challenging time travel mission.

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