Bethesda Confirms It's Coming Back To E3

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Bethesda has announced it will once again host an E3 presentation , eschewing the recent trend from publishers like Sony and Electronic Arts to step back from the industry event. It will take place Sunday, June 9 at 5:30 PM PT, and will be livestreamed for viewers at home.

The company teased the announcement with the #BE3 hashtag on Twitter. The theme for this year's presentation is "Be Together," and Bethesda says it will be inviting more fans to join in the live audience. The only game formally announced to make an appearance is Doom Eternal, though the teaser image shows silhouettes of lots of characters from across Bethesda's franchises. Last year the studio mentioned both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, so we may hear more about those.

The teaser even includes a cheeky reference to Walmart Canada, which exposed several games planned for last year's E3--including Rage 2 from Bethesda. The company riffed on the leak, and then marketing director Pete Hines cracked a joke at the store's expense during the E3 2018 presentation.

This is par for the course for Bethesda, which began having large-scale E3 presentations five years ago. It is swimming against the tide of the industry as a whole, however. Nintendo stopped giving press conferences in favor of pre-recorded Nintendo Direct presentations and week-long Treehouse streams. Sony announced this year it wouldn't be presenting at E3 at all. EA recently followed suit, still planning its E3-adjacent EA Play event, but declining to do a press conference.

That leaves Microsoft, Ubisoft, and now Bethesda as the last remaining publishers planning old-fashioned E3 stage shows. Microsoft, for its part, appears to be capitalizing on the opportunity and claims it will be "going big" this year.

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Avatar image for tOrchie

It's interesting how Bethesda is moving against trends on this and with their recent announcement that a bunch of newer games would be available on Steam. I'm really hopeful for some big news on Starfield this year. It's their chance to redeem themselves after the mess of Fallout 76.

Avatar image for nefastuss

After Fallout 76, no thanks, never again buying a product from this company.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Bethesda has been bringing single player games I really digged, Wolfenstein, Evil Within, Dishonored and a real DOOM game. I don't know what kind of agenda they have for the future if they even tried something like Fallout 76, a game no one wanted, I hope they step back from that kind of decisions.

Avatar image for tsunami2311

hope full elder scroll 6 is still years out I still have yet to finish the addon they released , and it only last year i finished the main story.

Still have yet to finish oblivion and still have yet to finish morrowind. yah this game types tend to never get finished

Avatar image for S3RAF1M

I wanted to get this game but as it will not be on my Steam library as my old DOOM is will not get it. Maybe pirate it to play through but will not buy from Bethesda launcher.

Avatar image for currere

Why isn't anyone mentioning WOLFENSTEIN: Youngblood, it's the only game from them I'm excited for. Also keeping half an eye on Rage 2, could be good, but I'm cautious

Avatar image for Daelusca

That Gamespot keeps pretending Xbox is "capitalizing" on Sony's decision to not show at E3 (as they have no games to show this year) is pathetic. That is not at all what Phil said.

He said, when Sony announced they were taking a hiatus, Xbox had internal discussions if that means they should scale back from their normal shows to save money, but they decided that didn't make sense and they should be "as big as they have ever been"....that means put forth the same effort as there no one at Gamespot that's native tongue is English, are they daft, or simply like spinning a narrative?

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

I'm less and less interested in what Bethesda has to say.

They seem only interested in pushing the theoretical bounds of laziness.

Avatar image for raitomizumi

They're gonna reveal Fallout 67.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c9c41979056d

I feel like I read the e3 saga differently than most of these news outlets do. Nintendo got out of e3 and started having directs because Sony, starting with the ps2, started moving the industry toward movie trailers for games. Only certain games show well that way. Specifically, games that play like movies. Nintendo games have never played like that and Nintendo couldn’t compete. That’s why Nintendo started their “play the game” mantra.

Sony’s strategy shit themselves in the foot 4 years ago, however, when they had that killer e3 press conference that was a nonstop cavalcade of great trailers. It was the zenith of what they had been building up to. But instead of seeing it as the climax of PS4, gamers wanted that to be the new normal. They wanted that every year. And Sony just doesn’t have the games. The AAA movie-games that they show, now, take 5 years to make. You can’t always have a few in the chamber and ready to go every year.

Sony is backing out of e3 this year because they have nothing to show. It has nothing to do with e3. They are in a building year. And last year as well. Once they announce ps5, they will reveal what they are working on and it will be e3 business as usual.

We can’t forget, this is what happened at the end of last generation as well.

Avatar image for Revl8n

Bethesda has never delivered a polished game. Even 5 years of patching does not polish their games (not counting independent mods). They were out of the freaking minds thinking they could deliver ANY online product where bugs and glitches are game killers. Unless they change the game engine, I’m out!

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Hopefully they actually have stuff to show their 2017 E3 show was awful due to not having much to show. 2018 was good apart from Fallout 76

Avatar image for esqueejy

Pretty much just more monopolistic behavior from Sony and EA. I have no doubt in my mind that part of their calculus is that they breathe life into independent development companies by throwing their own weight behind events like E3 and showing up, helping to draw people to the events. By pulling out and maybe trying to do their own BS events, they hope to drain interest and attendance from those events where smaller competitors thrive, attempting to make being bought out by them more attractive. Thus, more buy-ups, less competition, sh-ttier gaming industry.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Well, at least Bethesda has a sense of humor.


Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

MS Ugive money and eradicate all.....single player content are the only ones doing e3 damn im calling it now game crash 2023 history repeats itself

Avatar image for mistertech

Yea.... as one of my last trusted developer.... I will l proceed with caution..... fallout 76 was horrid. Luckily I got a refund( not from them but Best buy hooked me up) but now I gotta be cautious. They burned alot of people this time. I'm ok for multiplayer games.. but this was a joke

Avatar image for nikolistary

I can't wait for Pete Hines to close his eyes, take a deep breath, exhale, and disingenuously exclaim "WHO WANTS TO TALK ABOUT FALLOUT 76 DLC?!"

I seriously cannot wait for what is going to follow. Oh and Doom Eternal.

Avatar image for Decoy77

@nikolistary: And the whole crowd BOOS!!!! Or you hear crickets.