Bet on Soldier MP demo out now

Second demo from Digital Jesters' upcoming shooter features LAN and Internet multiplayer; now available on GameSpot DLX.


Gamers who just can't decide between gambling and blowing away other gamers in futuristic sports can put their minds at ease. Digital Jesters, the UK developer formed by ex-CDV employees, today released the multiplayer demo of its PC game Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport.

In the demo, gamers can suit up and fight other gamers over the Internet or a Local Area Network. The cargo bay map (featured in the game's single-player demo) returns for the multiplayer demo, and characters can play with or without superpowered exoskeletons.

The game takes place in a future where entertainment just doesn't cut it without some man-on-man murder. These future gladiators don't only fight for their lives; they bet on them. With cash won in competition, warriors can buy upgrades that will help them in future arena bouts.

Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport is rated M for Mature and will retail for $39.99 when it hits stores later this month. To sample some of the action of the multiplayer mode, head over to GameSpot DLX and download the demo.

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