Bet on Soldier demo out now

Gamers can get free taste of Digital Jesters' futuristic shooter; two missions, three character classes to choose from.


In the future, entertainment and war will meet in a nasty, violent combo, pitting hired mercenaries against each other in fights to the death. At least, this is how Digital Jesters sees it. Its upcoming game, Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport takes place in a Running Man-like future (not a Jean-Claude Van Damme Kumite bout) where viewers wager on contestants fighting for their lives.

Digital Jesters is giving PC gamers a chance to get a head start on the betting with today's release of the Bet on Soldier demo, now available on GameSpot DLX. The 554MB file allows gamers to participate in two of the first-person shooter's missions with three of the character classes. One mission lays down the basics as a tutorial, and the second level allows the use of exoskeletons.

Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport, in development by French studio Kylotonn, recently went gold and will be available in retail September 26. For more information, head over to GameSpot's previous coverage.

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