Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport strikes gold

Wagering and warmongering come together in Kylotonn's new FPS, due in stores next month.


Beyond Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry swan song The Dead Pool, there have traditionally been few offerings in the mainstream entertainment world for people who like an element of financial speculation hinging on another person's continued existence.

That dry spell's almost done, as UK-based Digital Jesters today announced that its gambling-fueled first-person shooter Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport has gone gold on the PC and will hit shelves in September.

Set in a Running Man-like future where corporations are king and people killing each other has become fodder for reality TV, Bet on Soldier puts players in the shoes of a star mercenary whose jobs are televised as viewers bet on the outcome. Players are also encouraged to pull a Pete Rose and bet on their own sport, though a shutout of the Reds never meant Charlie Hustle's head.

Bet on Soldier is French developer Kylotonn's first game, but much of the team worked together on 4X Studio's Iron Storm before that developer went out of business. When it hits shelves in North America on September 26, Bet on Soldier will sport a retail price of $39.99. The game arrives in UK stores days earlier on September 23. The ESRB has not yet rated the title.

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