Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport ships

<i>The Running Man</i> meets <i>Rounders</i> in Digital Jesters's latest first-person shooter.


In the near future, war will become society's definitive form of entertainment; modern-day gladiators will fight one another while the world watches on and bets on the outcome. That's the premise behind Digital Jesters's new first-person shooter, Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport (not to be confused with the premise behind any boxing game, ever).

Also in the near future, retailers in North America and the United Kingdom will be stocking copies of Bet on Soldier on their shelves. That's the premise of Digital Jesters's latest press release, which announced that the game began shipping today.

To succeed in Bet on Soldier, players will have to not only best their opponents on the blood-soaked playing field, but also wager wisely to build a war chest to pay for bigger and better weapons and armor. It is the debut game for French developer Kylotonn, though much of the team worked together at 4X Studios on the PC first-person shooter Iron Storm.

Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport is rated M for Mature and retails for $39.99. Check back later for GameSpot's full review, or head over to GameSpot DLX to download the single-player or multiplayer demo now.

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