best sellers: October 8-14

Tiger Woods tees off, Scarface scores, Madden stays strong, Mortal Kombat strikes, and the DS double-dips.


In Scarface, crime lord Tony Montana (Al Pacino) uttered the famous line: "First, you get the money. Then, you get the power. Then you get the women." Last week, Scarface: The World Is Yours, the game adaptation of the cult classic crime epic, got the money part down. The PlayStation 2 edition of the Vivendi game was the number-two title on the sales rankings for the week of October 8-14. Just six slots behind was the collector's edition of the PS2 Scarface, and the Xbox iteration finished in 13th place.

Were both PS2 Scarfaces combined, the title would likely have been the top game for the week. However, that distinction went to the PS2 edition of Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. EA also scored with two other sports titles. Madden NFL 07, which is the only official pro-football title on the market, has remained popular since its August release, with the PS2 edition landing in third and the Xbox 360 version taking ninth place. Meanwhile, the PS2 FIFA 07 dribbled its way to fifth place

Besides Scarface, two other games debuted in the top 10 during the week of October 8-14. Mortal Kombat Armageddon fought its way into the fourth slot, proving that Midway's venerable series remains popular. Speaking of long-running franchises, Star Trek: Encounters, Bethesda Softworks' PS2 game based on the 40-year sci-fi phenomenon, warped into 10th place.

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