best sellers: October 8-14

Tiger Woods tees off, Scarface scores, Madden stays strong, Mortal Kombat strikes, and the DS double-dips.


In Scarface, crime lord Tony Montana (Al Pacino) uttered the famous line: "First, you get the money. Then, you get the power. Then you get the women." Last week, Scarface: The World Is Yours, the game adaptation of the cult classic crime epic, got the money part down. The PlayStation 2 edition of the Vivendi game was the number-two title on the sales rankings for the week of October 8-14. Just six slots behind was the collector's edition of the PS2 Scarface, and the Xbox iteration finished in 13th place.

Were both PS2 Scarfaces combined, the title would likely have been the top game for the week. However, that distinction went to the PS2 edition of Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. EA also scored with two other sports titles. Madden NFL 07, which is the only official pro-football title on the market, has remained popular since its August release, with the PS2 edition landing in third and the Xbox 360 version taking ninth place. Meanwhile, the PS2 FIFA 07 dribbled its way to fifth place

Besides Scarface, two other games debuted in the top 10 during the week of October 8-14. Mortal Kombat Armageddon fought its way into the fourth slot, proving that Midway's venerable series remains popular. Speaking of long-running franchises, Star Trek: Encounters, Bethesda Softworks' PS2 game based on the 40-year sci-fi phenomenon, warped into 10th place.

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Users-name, Scarface got mixed reviews. Some sites/publications thought it was good, others didn't like it.

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any1 whos saying the scarface game is crap is obviously basing it on just gamespots review, which was the actual crap.

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i love my scarface on ps2. even if i won it on the radio. collector's edition music's not bad. ps2 rules

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I should probably check some of those out

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i dont know why everybody always wants to complain about the results coming from bestbuy it is one of the most ridiculous things ive have ever heard and you people do it every time do you really think its popular becuase its at best buy do you think because you go to gamestop or whereverelse that the game you bought would be on top if they got the results for that store these games are on top because they sold the most and really its gonna be pretty close no matter what store you look at because the just the way things work i think bestbuy sucks that doesnt mean i didnt buy fallout 2 from the best buy near me and i still think its one of the best games ive ever played yet ive never seen it on one of these charts the bottom line is that the game sold a lot at bestbuy because its a popular game and it sells well everywhere and the only way these counts would be invalid or void is if people went to bestbuy to buy sports games walmart to buy fps and gamestop to buy rpgs in which any chart you got would be because your only seeing one type of game and you get the top ten selling games by looking at fps which you can see because there are not even any on there so stop criing about it

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Think about the majority of people who do their game shopping at Best Buy. Is it any wonder that the results are the way they are? You are looking at the mainstream gaming audience who see the need to plunk their money down on whatever crap they think might just be cool or have nudity, blood, and gratuitous violence.

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tiger woods is the first ?

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PS2 = 7 out of 10

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When are the sony fans going to wake up and come to true next gen Xbox 360 stop waiting for a machine that will cost you your house!and life jk lol

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Is someone working on a review for that Star Trek game? If not, they should.

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*shakes head at Scarface being #2 and #7 on the list* Disgusting!

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Mortal Kombat sells more than Street Fighter nowadays. Sad.

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scarface rocks

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A crappy Scarface game, Star Trek and Mortal Kombat. Wow you people who buy this drivel might as well walk into your local store, put 60 dollars on the floor and SET IT ON FIRE cause man, I, I just don't know what to say with so many people buying this crap.

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Squids-Ahoy is an honest representation of game sales?

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Mostly unsurprising... But how do New Super Mario Bros and Brain Age stay on the list for this long? Seriously, it's like people buy 2 or 3 copies of the game each. It's ridiculous.

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All new games except DS games ...

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Lol, games from April are still selling on the top 10. Gooo Brain Age.

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I'm happy for the MK crew as deception didnt sell as well as they had hopes

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i think the reason why 360 games aint on there is there prob 50 pounds each on that site people buy 360 games of and amazon cheaper.... probably

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Oh wait, Scarface is up there twice. Whew. You mean GTA 5 1/2?

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Best Buy shoppers really love NSMB.

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two ds and only one xbox360, lame, what about the freaking PSP HUH! Probably because they need more games, MORE GAMES FOR PSP!

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Does Disgaea 2 loooook GREAT ? Mooooooorrrrttttaaaaaaaaallllllll KKKKKoooooommmmmmmbbbbbaaaaaaaaatttttttt !!!!!

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A star trek game makes the top 10 but not a great game like Okami or Disgaea 2? Ouch...

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Woohoo! Go Star Trek!

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The XBOX 360 will be very strong in November with (duh) Gears of War, AND Rainbow Six: Vegas, more sales will be for X360 of that game. Oh, wait, the Wii is coming out. Nevermind, doesn't matter, its in its launch phase. Same thing with the PS3. Not a lot of people are going to play the PS3 for like 2 weeks after its launch because the launch PS3s are all gonna be on ebay.

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What, only 4 ea sports titles in the top 10? I was expecting to look in and see the top 10 once again dominated by the lowest common denominator... Oh wait, Scarface is up there twice. Whew. For a moment I almost thought I was witnessing one of the seven signs of the apocolypse.

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Let's get this straight once and for all. Final Fantasy III had never previously seen a rerelease, collectors edition, port, remake, legal emulation, appearance in compilations, or a cameo of any sort even in Japan. That is the true reason it is selling well. A soundtrack fits none of the above descriptions, that's non-game merchandising. All other attempts at bringing the game out on more platforms were cancelled. Likewise, the only one to have been announced publicly was for Wonderswan. Chocobo first appeared in Final Fantasy II so they aren't a III-specific cameo either. Pretty sad history, considering how popular the series is overall. I'll try the DS version when it's English release comes out.

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" please we dont go posting a top 100 american sales or top 100 british sales " Well since no American or British tracking agency compiles such a list it would be impossible to post what is not there to begin with.

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Cars is GONE!!!

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Well, this is better than the PC sales, dominated by Sims and WoW. It is nice to see some other titles than the DS.

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The only way to have a truly accurate representation of what people are really buying is to go out and monitor the purchases of the millions of game buyers worldwide. Not possible, obviously. That said, this gives a pretty decent representation of sales as a whole. I'm not suprised to see sports games dominating, it's pretty much always been that way because, like someone else said, the majority of game buyers are casual gamers, most of who don't even know this site, or game reviews in general, exist. You'd be surprised how many people don't read gaming magazines, go to websites or even ask retailers if a game is any good, and just buy a game based on the name.

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godovivel wrote: "OMG 360 is dead !" Um OK the fact that Gears of War is coming next month alone proves you wrong. Maybe you should see all the stuff coming out next year before you start making retarded claims of the Xbox 360 being dead.

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a lot of bad games imo i wish the public would start buying some good ones, and some real next gen games but in november you will see a lot of 360 games fly off the shelves and ppl stop posting japanese game sales please we dont go posting a top 100 american sales or top 100 british sales

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No 360 games? So what? nothing happened in the 360 camp the begining of this month, wait till they do next weeks best buy sales.

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The lack of 360 games is very disheartening

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good that we finally got in the ranking name, instead of 'american'. never feel this makes any sense in any way. I got my nsmb in the first week, finished it in 1 week and sold it to some one else on ebay.

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"god... doesnt everyone in the world already have nsmb? i got it day one... " I don't have it yet along with my DS lite and some other games, i'll get them by December.

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tiger woods the first omg

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OMG 360 is dead !

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Japanese sales numbers for 9 to the 15th of October. 1. (DS, Pokemon) Pokemon Diamond - 159,443 / 1,233,570 2. (GBA, Square-Enix) Final Fantasy V Advance - 124,840 3. (DS, Pokemon) Pokemon Pearl - 116,051 / 1,096,932 4. (PS2, Bandai Namco) Dragon Ball Z Sparking Neo - 67,642 / 331,540 5. (DS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Brothers - 40,609 / 3,274,402 6. (DS, Rocket Co.) Zaidan Houjin Nihon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Kounin Kanken DS - 36,622 / 120,713 7. (DS, Nintendo) More Brain Age - 25,758 / 3,314,005 8. (PS2, SCE) Bleach Blade Battlers - 25,203 9. (DS, Nintendo) Animal Crossing: Wild World - 23,627 / 3,328,871 10. (PS2, SCE) Minna no Tennis - 22,599 / 439,106 Brain Age is still in the top twenty as is cooking navi. 14 out of the top twenty are DS titles. Final Fantasy III sold 20,000 copies and is number 11. Shortages of DS games till continue in Japan. Pokemon and Final Fantasy III are still selling out every shipment. Square Enix massively undershipped Final Fantasy III.

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Oh yeah, Madden on the Wii...Tiger Woods on the Wii? %$#in' a.

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Here is some real sales data. The TOP 100 portable game sales numbers for Japan from April 1 to the 30th of September this year. No lifetime to date sales just how many units the game moved during the time period. 1. DS New Super Mario Bros - Nintendo - 3,150,716 2. DS Pokemon Diamond / Pearl - Pokemon - 1,586,360 3. DS More Brain Age - Nintendo - 1,570,965 4. DS Brain Age - Nintendo - 919,443 5. DS Animal Crossing - Nintendo - 891,674 6. DS Tetris DS - Nintendo - 851,294 7. DS Final Fantasy III - Square Enix - 771,925 8. DS English Training - Nintendo - 686,212 9. DS Talking DS Cooking Navi - Nintendo - 525,268 10. DS Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2 - Bandai Namco - 519,127 11. DS Pokemon Ranger - Pokemon - 434,283 12. DS Mario Kart DS - Nintendo - 364,641 13. GBA Mother 3 - Nintendo - 360,964 14. DS Mario Basketball 3 on 3 - Nintendo - 318,871 15. PSP SD Gundam G Generation Portable - Bandai Namco - 255,493 16. DS Digimon Story - Bandai Namco - 204,755 17. GBA Rhythm Tengoku - Nintendo - 172,710 18. DS Starfy 4 - Nintendo - 158,856 19. PSP Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Portable - Konami - 149,190 20. DS Nintendogs - Nintendo - 144,385 21. PSP Dragonball Z - Bandai Namco - 139,765 22. DS Tingle RPG - Nintendo - 136,670 23. DS Sudoku - Hudson - 136,236 24. PSP LocoRoco - SCE - 124,970 25. DS Naruto 4 DS - Takara Tomy - 116,243 26. PSP Tekken Dark Resurrection - Bandai Namco - 112,197 27. PSP DQ&FF in Itadaki Street Portable - Square Enix - 109,859 28. PSP Derby Stallion P - Enterbrain - 105,708 29. PSP Monster Hunter Portable - Capcom - 104,680 30. DS Kanji-input Easy Dictionary - Nintendo - 103,238 31. PSP Kazuo (aka Sudoku) - SCE - 102,684 32. DS Children of Mana - Square Enix - 99,801 33. DS DS Seminar: Kanji Power - TDK Core - 95,579 34. PSP My Summer Vacation Portable - SCE - 94,978 35. GBA Famicom Mini Super Mario Brothers - Nintendo - 94,528 36. DS Clubhouse Games - Nintendo - 93,917 37. PSP Tales of Phantasia Full Voice - Bandai Namco - 93,351 38. DS Megaman ZX - Capcom - 91,846 39. DS Mushiking 2 - Sega - 89,609 40. DS Rune Factory - MMV - 87,965 41. DS Metroid Prime Hunters - Nintendo - 87,542 42. DS Big Brain Academy - Nintendo - 87,320 43. DS Teadog's Room DS - MTO - 82,889 44. DS Phoenix Wright (best price) - Capcom - 81,765 45. PSP Brain Trainer Portable 2 - Sega - 81,571 46. DS Project Hacker - Nintendo - 81,220 47. DS Starfox Command - Nintendo - 80,483 48. DS Power Pro-kun's DS Koushien - Konami - 79,992 49. DS Naruto RPG 3 - Takara Tomy - 77,560 50. DS Kirarin Revolution: Idol Audition - Konami - 74,891 51. GBA Mother 1+2 (value selection) - Nintendo - 74,541 52. PSP Bleach Heat the Soul 3 - SCE - 74,384 53. DS Wario Ware Touched - Nintendo - 74,165 54. PSP Monster Hunter Portable (the best) - Capcom - 73,332 55. DS Tamagotchi Corner Shop - Bandai Namco - 73,040 56. PSP Aha Taiken - Sega - 72,827 57. DS Super Mario 64 DS - Nintendo - 68,189 58. DS Kanji Test DS - Rocket Co. - 67,153 59. DS Travel Phrasebook DS 4: America - Nintendo - 66,615 60. PSP Naruto: Narutimate Portable - Bandai Namco - 59,070 61. DS Keroro Gunsou - Bandai Namco - 57,603 62. DS Brain Stress count: Head Scan - Sega - 54,780 63. PSP Valkyrie Profile Lenneth - Square Enix - 54,430 64. DS Right Brain Master: Gun Bullet Trainer - Bandai Namco - 54,336 65. GBA Pokemon Emerald - Pokemon - 53,746 66. DS Right Brain Master: Spot the Difference - Bandai Namco - 52,992 67. PSP Talkman - SCE - 52,135 68. DS Mario & Luigi RPG 2 - Nintendo - 51,379 69. GBA Crayon Shin-chan - Banpresto - 51,280 70. PSP Valhalla Knights - MMV - 49,107 71. PSP Everybody's Gold Portable (the best) - SCE - 47,068 72. DS Magical Vacation: When the 5 Stars Align - Nintendo - 45,713 73. PSP Pachislot! Fist of the North Star SE - Sega - 44,951 74. PSP Evangelion 2: Man-made World another cases - Bandai Namco - 44,922 75. PSP Ridge Racers 2 - Bandai Namco - 44,812 76. DS Travel Phrasebook DS 3: S.Korea - Nintendo - 44,750 77. DS Dragonball Z - Bandai Namco - 44,570 78. DS San-X Land - MTO - 44,349 79. PSP Dokodemo Issho: Let's School! - SCE - 44,229 80. PSP Goku Makaimura - Capcom - 43,875 81. DS Turn! Connect! Touch Panic - Nintendo - 43,730 82. DS Giant Mecha MG - Nintendo - 43,397 83. GBA Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green - Pokemon - 42,991 84. DS Cooking Mama - Taito - 42,518 85. DS Pachislot! Fist of the North Star SE - Sega - 40,073 86. DS IQ Teacher DS - IE Institute - 39,925 87. PSP Shin Sangoku Musou 2nd Evolution - Koei - 39,919 88. PSP Winning Eleven 9 Ubiquitous (the best) - Konami - 39,679 89. PSP Everybody's Map - Zenrin - 39,265 90. DS Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue - Pokemon - 38,553 91. DS Travel Phrasebook DS 2: China - Nintendo - 38,377 92. DS Right Brain Kids DS - IE Institute - 37,468 93. PSP Daito Pachislot: Osu Banchou Portable - Daito - 37,420 94. PSP Mah Jong Fight Club (the best) - Konami - 36,975 95. DS Gintama DS - Bandai Namco - 36,883 96. DS Touch! Bomberman Land - Hudson - 36,054 97. DS Simple series 8: The Judge - D3 Publisher - 34,855 98. DS DS Seminar: English Power - TDK Core - 33,805 99. DS Chocodog's Shop - TDK Core - 33,620 100. PSP Taiko Drum Master Portable 2 - Bandai Namco - 33,021

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I'll never relate as to why people buy the same sport games year after year.

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Why didn't GameSpot review that Star Trek game?

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god... doesnt everyone in the world already have nsmb? i got it day one...

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