Best Xbox One Game Deals On The Microsoft Store This Week

Get 'em while they're hot.

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Each Tuesday Microsoft resets its weekly sale on digital Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, offering deals on a new selection of games. This week's sale is now live, with savings on a lot of pretty fantastic games. Let's take a look at some of the highlights of this week's Microsoft Store sale.

Lots of games are on sale this week, but the publisher with the biggest presence by far is Bethesda. Tons of Bethesda games are on sale, including Skyrim Special Edition for $20 / £15 and The Elder Scrolls Online for $10 / £7.50. If you're feeling apocalyptic, you can download Fallout 4 for $15 / £10, or go all-in and get the Game of the Year Edition, which includes the game and all of the DLC, for $30 / £25.

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The whole Dishonored series is marked down. The Definitive Edition of the first game is on sale for $10 / £7.50. Dishonored 2 is $20 / £15, as is the standalone expansion Death of the Outsider. Doom, Prey, and the Wolfenstein series see similar discounts as well.

Bethesda shares the spotlight this week with a good deal of indie games that are also on sale. The hectic multiplayer game Overcooked is down to just $6 / £4 this week, which ought to whet your appetite for the upcoming sequel. The Banjo-Kazooey-like platformer Yooka-Laylee is on sale for $13 / £12 for anyone feeling nostalgic for the Nintendo 64 days. And the recently released Yoku's Island Express, a clever mash-up between Metroidvania and pinball, is on sale for $16 / £13.

You can find more of our picks listed below, or click over to the full list of games on sale here, including huge discounts on the Street Fighter series on Xbox 360.

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