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Best Switch Grips: Make Your Nintendo Switch Even Better In Handheld Mode

From Satisfye to Hori, these Switch Joy-Con grip cases and controllers make handheld play a much more pleasant experience.


The Nintendo Switch is a stellar handheld device for many reasons, but it's not necessarily a standout in the ergonomics department. If you find your hands cramping from playing the Switch in handheld mode, it's time to invest in a Switch grip. A great Nintendo Switch grip can truly be a game-changer. There are many, many styles of Switch grips out there, but we've rounded up the five best Switch grips below.

From the Satisfye Switch grip case (which your Switch just slides into to give you a better grip) to the pricier Hori Split Pad Pro (which actually replaces your Switch Joy-Cons with wider controllers), there's now a variety of Nintendo Switch grip options out there that make the handheld experience far better than it is naturally, and we've tested many of the main options on the market. While not all of them are winners, the five Switch grips we've chosen are superb add-ons to the console that are well worth picking up.

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The best Nintendo Switch grips

Since there are three different Switch models now--standard, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED--you have to make sure you buy a grip that's compatible with your device. Outside of the Hori Split Pad Pro, most standard Switch grips do not work with the Switch OLED due to the slight size difference. At this time, there aren't many Switch OLED grips, though Satisfye recently released an updated ZenGrip Pro designed for Switch OLED that we highly recommend.

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