Best-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in July Revealed

What do you think the top seller on the PlayStation Store was last month?

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Sony has published its list of the best-selling games on the PlayStation Store in July, and surprisingly, The Last of Us Remastered did not come out on top on PlayStation 4.

That distinction goes to the Ultimate Edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which might sound odd given it's a game that's been available since last year. But the normally $40 game was on sale during July for just $8.40 if you're a PlayStation Plus member. That deal was enough to push The Last of Us Remastered--which did launch late in the month, on July 29--down to the number two slot during the month. Rogue Legacy, the new cross-buy game that is part of the PlayStation Play promotion, reached number five despite also being released on July 29, and Watch Dogs--May and June's top PS4 game on PSN--fell to number 13.

Minecraft's domination of the PlayStation 3 charts continues; it's been at the top of the list every month since its release in December. Without exact sales numbers, it's hard to know just far out ahead it is, but when it's finally released on PS4 and Vita, it'll be interesting to see if its chart-topping performance continues.

The Vita charts were largely comprised of games that were on sale during the month, like Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and Injustice once again. But it also included new releases like Child of Light (which had only been available on PC and consoles previously) and Rogue Legacy.

The full lists follow below. Let us know what you picked up during the month and if anything on the lists surprises you in the comments.



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