Best-Selling Amiibo Figures of 2015, Ranked By Region

Link rules the US market.


As part of Nintendo's latest earnings briefing, the Japanese gaming company announced that to date it has shipped some 31 million Amiibo figures and sold around 20 million of them. Now, the company has announced which figures are selling the best in the US, Europe, and Nintendo's home country of Japan.

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For calendar year 2015, Legend of Zelda's Link (from the Super Smash Bros. Amiibo series) sold the best in the US, with Mario (the classic color version) moving the most units in Europe. In Japan, the Splatoon Inkling Girl was the top-selling Amiibo figure. You can see the full top 10 sales chart below.

The company also acknowledged that production for the Splatoon Amiibo figures specifically was not able to meet the higher-than-expected demand. However, the toys were generally back in stock during the holiday quarter, Nintendo said.

Nintendo did not provide a specific breakdown of figure sales for each. You'll notice that interests can vary substantially by region, as no Splatoon Amiibo made the top 10 chart for the US.

Another slide (above), shows Amiibo figure shipment ratios by region. For the latest quarter, North and South America represented the lion's share, rising one percentage point to 57 percent. Shipments in Japan also rose year-over-year, but the same could not be said for Europe and "other regions."

Nintendo also announced that it shipped around 9.9 million Amiibo figure units during the latest quarter, which represented an all-time high for a single quarter.

Top-Selling Amiibo Figures for Calendar Year 2015

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Looking ahead, Nintendo said it will continue to add new Amiibo figures and card-types to the lineup, though no new characters were named outright. Some upcoming Amiibo figures include those for Ryu, Wolf Link, Timmy & Tommy Nook, Kapp'n, Rover, Roy, and Shadow Mewtwo. You can see the full Amiibo character lineup here.

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