Best Reissue - Best Games of 2014 Nominees

Which reissued game deserves to be the named the best for 2014?


2014 was a huge year for remastered editions and re-released games for the new console generation. Beloved titles from previous years like Fable Anniversary and Metro: Last Light resurfaced with a shiny new veneer of updated graphics and fancy new features. A few of these titles received significant overhauls and additions offering an entirely new experience, such as Grand Theft Auto 5's first-person mode.

Nominees in this category were considered based on the presence of new content and whether old content was significantly remade, like Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's total overhaul; prettier graphics are a plus, but not the bottom line. The best reissued games releasing during 2014, for us, have become more than the sum of their parts, a fresh new experience of something we already adore, a revisit to an old friend who is ready to show us some new tricks. These games were good enough to get a second lease on life, but a few have evolved into something even more special.

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(Please note, the nominees in this category were ineligible for consideration our overall Game of the Year award. Our rules stipulate only new, original release games would be considered for the overall award for 2014.)

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