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Best PS5 Split-Screen Games For 2021: Co-Op And Multiplayer PlayStation 5 Games

Playing games with a friend in your living room remains a phenomenal experience--here are the best titles to jump into with a pal IRL on the PlayStation 5.


Online multiplayer has come to dominate the world of video games, bringing players together from all over the globe. But there are still games that capture the old-school feelings of cooperation and competition of taking on someone sitting next to you on the couch, controller in-hand. For years, games handled multiplayer by splitting a single screen across the middle, creating a singular experience of sharing both a digital and physical space as you battled it out in classics like Goldeneye 007 or Quake III. Those games still exist on the PlayStation 5, offering some fun, intimate multiplayer experiences. This list compiles the best PS5 split-screen multiplayer games, while also delving into games that offer great local multiplayer by sharing one screen or offering cooperative play. Many of these games are PS4 games that are backward compatible with the PS5, but they've mostly received updates to enhance them on the newer, more powerful hardware.

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The Best Split-Screen PS5 Games

The Best Co-Op PS5 Games

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