Best Prime Day Gaming Deals (Ending Soon): Tuesday's PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Discounts

The biggest shopping event of the summer has entered its second day.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 is almost over--Tuesday marks the final day of the big sale, at least for Amazon. While some deals have expired or sold out, many others are continuing, and new ones continue to pop up on video games, movies, TV shows, and various pieces of tech. But the clock is ticking, and many more of these deals will soon be going away, so you should act fast if you're interested in something.

To help you make the most of the various sales going on (both at Amazon and elsewhere), we've assembled a selection of the best Prime Day deals on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One games and hardware. We've also included some picks for 4K movies, Funko Pops, and more. We've also got all of the basic information, like when Prime Day starts and ends, and some tips on making the most of the event.

Read on for the best deals, which include Red Dead Redemption 2 for $30 on PS4 and Xbox One, a year of PS Plus for $36, and some solid deals on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch systems--such an Xbox One X for under $350. You can even get a Switch and Xbox One in the same (surprisingly nice) bundle! Beyond what you can buy right now, pre-orders for upcoming games are on sale too. You can save upwards of $10 if you want Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion, and many other highly anticipated titles.

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Funko Pops

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a massive sale Amazon puts on each summer for Prime members. It all began in 2015, when Amazon had a sale to celebrate its 20th birthday. In the years since, Prime Day has grown into a shopping extravaganza in its own right, with deep discounts on all kinds of items across the whole store.

When is Prime Day?

Amazon announced Prime Day 2019 will kick off at midnight (your local time zone) on July 15 and run for exactly 48 hours, ending on July 17 at midnight. This confirms the info initially leaked via a PR email earlier this summer. The length of Amazon Prime Day has extended over the past few years, with last year's sale lasting 36 hours. That means this year's Prime Day will be the longest-running yet with two full days of deals. As of this writing, the sale is live, with some offers having already sold out--so be sure to act fast if you're interested in something.

What are some Prime Day tips?

Black Friday affords shoppers with a lot of time to plan and get ready for the big day. That's not the case with Prime Day; while we get a select number of deals early, you'll need to be ready on Monday and Tuesday to act quickly. We've assembled a range of Prime Day tips to help you make the most of the day, including how to ensure you're getting the best deals possible.

How much is Amazon Prime?

The catch is that you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of Prime Day deals. The annual price of a Prime membership is $119 / £79, or you can get a one-month membership for just $13 / £8. Having to buy a subscription is a bummer, but there are ways around dropping cash just to take part in Prime Day. If you've never been a Prime member before, you can get a free 30-day trial just by signing up. Students get an even better deal: their Prime membership begins with a free six-month trial.

Sign up for Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

Even if you're a lapsed Prime member and you can't get the free trial, signing up for a one-month membership may be worthwhile, depending on what Prime Day deals you want to take advantage of. There's also a good chance Amazon will offer a discount on Prime subscriptions in the run-up to Prime Day, so your best bet is to wait and see.

What kind of deals can we expect?

Amazon always drops prices on tons of items, with huge discounts on its own hardware in particular: Echos, Kindles, Fire sticks, and tablets. Additionally, you can expect big savings on video games, consoles, gaming accessories, 4K TVs, other electronics, apparel, outdoor gear, baby products, and nearly anything else you can buy at the online retailer.

While not marked down as of yet, new Amazon-exclusive products are also launching for Prime Day, including this pretty cool-looking Han Solo / Millenium Falcon Funko Pop Deluxe and a Respawn-800 racing-style gaming rocker chair (available in either black or blue).

Twitch Prime, which is included with any Amazon Prime subscription, is offering a wide array of deals for Prime Day, including some freebies for Apex Legends. On July 3, Prime members began to receive a free, exclusive Legend skin and weapon skin. Throughout July and August, three more Apex Legends skins will be given to Prime members, as well as EA Sports content that hasn't been detailed yet. As usual, there is also free PC games and in-game loot available for Prime members in July. Twitch Prime is also hosting an event called Twitch Sells Out where top streamers will showcase some of the best gaming products available for Prime Day. In addition, all Twitch merchandise, including apparel and accessories, will be 30% off using promo code PRIME2019 in Amazon's Twitch store.

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Avatar image for naruto945

No X1X?

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4c0b80dcd76

No pot holder or spoon rest sales???

Avatar image for cjtopspin

Prime day...the online version of poor people wasting money to get even poorer.

My personal fave:

Avatar image for Arguyle

waste of time

Avatar image for jcutrer

Don't forget to enter all of the Amazon Prime Day Giveaways. A complete list here

Avatar image for Cashmoney007

What the hell, Amazon?

These sales each year should be pretty epic.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@Cashmoney007: I have never seen a worthwhile deal on this "Prime Day" any year. Yet it's easy to mop up on Amazon each Nov.

Are these not the same teams organizing these sales?

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4c0b80dcd76

Cheap pot holders and spoon rests! There was an egg timer I was hoping would go on sale...might pull ththe trigger.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@mbrogz3000: Not so fast -- the egg timer IS MINE!!!

Avatar image for dante9006

If it's anything like last year's Prime day you'll not only get things in 1 - 3 months but you'll also not actually be able to get anything or they won't qualify for Prime.

Avatar image for lower_case_dave

Quote: "

When is Prime Day?

Prime Day begins at 12 PM PT (3 PM ET) on June 16 and will last 36 hours, through June 17."

Avatar image for amirhosein

@lower_case_dave: Why is Prime day???

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@amirhosein: The world may never know(tm)

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@amirhosein: How is Prime Day?

Avatar image for lower_case_dave

@lower_case_dave: I see you've fixed it.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

I'm going hazzard a guess that the june 16th to 17th is a typo, if not thanks GS for advetising a sale from a month ago

Avatar image for method115

Here's everything you need to know, this sale is horrible.

Avatar image for ice12tray

@method115: It really is. 80% of it is them suckering people into buying things they don’t need and/or can get for the price regularly. Didn’t they get caught one year increasing prices before hand just to mark it down as a “prime day special”. Not to mention Amazon is a shit company. They treat their employees like garbage and when they had record profits for multiple quarters in a row, what did they do? Increased the prime membership cost for its customers.

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@method115: It's not even on yet.

Last year's Prime day was brilliant, not for my bank account, but the amount of stuff I wanted and got for a lot cheaper than anywhere else was great.

Avatar image for dvdjedi

About once a year I seem to get a free 30 day Prime trial and this year it expires the day AFTER Prime Day. Score! I'd like to pick up a Kindle Paperwhite so hopefully they'll put it on sale.

Avatar image for siarhei

@dvdjedi: Oh I bet there will be a lot of Paperweights on sale...

Avatar image for olddadgamer

Oh come on. We all know it'll mostly be things like socks and off brand garbage bags.

Avatar image for kljvoph

@olddadgamer: I dunno last year I bought a Corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard reduced 40%. This is one of the best and most expensive gaming keyboards so do take a look. It's not just socks.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@kljvoph: Yeah? Was it some kind of Black Friday "Only four available!" thing and you got lucky or was it straight legit?

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@olddadgamer: No, they had time limits on stuff, but not a certain amount. I'm always seeing people say the same is crap, but that's because they don't know what they're looking for. If you go in with a clear view of what you want, it's not hard to find great deals.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@hughesyboozy: Cool. I'll give it a shot this year.

Avatar image for Marky360

I could use a 4TB external drive for my XB1X but I really don't want to sign up for Amazon Prime though I kinda got screwed by them a few times when it came to them auto-renewing me when I didn't want to.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

For this year, I'll celebrate by dropping my account.

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@Pyrosa: So edgy.

Avatar image for Packer1080

@Pyrosa: I bought a college email account and signed up with that for 50 dollars a year.

Avatar image for kljvoph

@Pyrosa: Thanks fo sharing that mind bending piece of information with the world.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

I really hope they figure out a better way to present the deals. Like their Warehouse sales, you have to trudge through so much fodder to find something worth while.

Avatar image for hughesyboozy

@lionheartssj1: Or you know, you could use the search bar to find exactly what you want. If you don't know what you want, then there's no way they can organise it better as they aren't mind readers. Also throughout the year add stuff to your wishlist, then when it's on sale you will get a notification.

Avatar image for waelse1

@lionheartssj1: I've never found anything in this sale, not presented well.