Best PlayStation VR Games On PS4 And PS5

If you're diving into Sony's take on virtual reality, these PSVR titles are a must, whether you're on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.


Since PlayStation VR launched in 2016, many developers have taken to virtual reality, creating a wide variety of gaming experiences aimed at taking the medium further. Between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, all kinds of games have pushed the limits of immersion and how we can feel more involved in what we're playing. After several years, we've experienced many truly innovative games that either would not be possible without VR, or are significantly enhanced by the technology. These games come in many different forms, including high-octane racers, clever platformers and puzzle games, and thrilling action-adventures. To help you find the ultimate PSVR experience, we've alphabetically listed the best PlayStation VR games on PS4 and PS5 available right now.

PS5 owners, make sure to grab an adapter so you can connect the PSVR-compatible PS4 camera to the new console. If you don't already own a PSVR, new headsets are hard to come by for reasonable prices, but you can get a refurbished model at GameStop for $150. You'll have to purchase the camera separately for $50, too. Optional controllers like the PlayStation Move and Aim Controller can enhance your experience in certain games as well. Sony is currently developing a new PSVR headset, but it's not expected to release anytime soon.

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