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The Best Controller For PC In 2024

These excellent gamepads are a great alternative to playing PC games with a mouse and keyboard.


According to Steam's latest hardware survey numbers, over 15% of Steam players play with a controller each day. While that may surprise some PC gamers, it makes sense. Gone are the days when the keyboard and mouse were the sole gatekeepers of the PC gaming realm; as more PS5 and Xbox games get console ports and portable PC gaming powerhouses like the Steam Deck become popular, playing PC games with a traditional controller is more viable than ever—in fact, many games even require it.

If you've found yourself needing to outfit your PC gaming setup with a controller, you're in luck--Prime Day 2024 takes place July 16 and 17 this year, and the weeks leading up to Amazon's big sale event is the perfect time to start shopping for a new gaming controller on PC. But before you go off checking Amazon's early Prime Day deals for any old PC-compatible gamepad, let's go over our list of best PC controllers ahead of Prime Day 2024. The list includes everything from pro-style controllers and retro gamepads to arcade sticks, racing wheels, and more. We expect some of these devices to go on sale during Prime Day, but even if they don't, they're all worth picking up, even at full price.

Amazon Prime Day 2024 Early Deals

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