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Best Palworld Weapons Early In The Game

You need to be ready for combat early on in your Palworld adventure.


Palworld will have you duking it out against all creatures great and small. Of course, it's totally fine to just start with baby steps, especially in the first few hours of the game. Here's our guide on the best early-game weapons in Palworld.

What are the best early-game weapons in Palworld

The best early-game weapons in Palworld are the Stone Spear, Old Bow, and Common Shield. Do take note that all of these need to be unlocked first in the Technology menu, which means leveling up a bit to spend the points you've earned.

Once unlocked, you can craft them via the Primitive Workbench. Here are the requirements:

  • Stone Spear - 18x Wood and 6x Stone.
  • Old Bow - 30x Wood, 5x Stone, and 15x Fiber.
  • 3x Arrows - 1x Wood and 1x Stone.
  • Common Shield - 10x Paldium Fragment, 20x Wood, 20x Stone, and 10x Fiber.
Make sure you craft a bow early on so you can shoot Pals from afar.
Make sure you craft a bow early on so you can shoot Pals from afar.

Where to find the materials for these early-game weapons

These materials should be easy enough to find. Pieces of Stone and Wood can sometimes be seen lying on the ground, but you could also mine deposits for Stone and cut down trees for Wood. Likewise, you'll gain additional Fiber resources for chopping down trees. Be sure to equip Stone Pickaxes and Stone Axes if you're mining nodes or felling trees, respectively, to increase the yields of resources.

As for Paldium Fragments, these are also mined in various areas. You can refer to our Paldium Fragments guide if you need help with this material.

Get ready to charge into the thick of the fray if you want to take out rampaging Pals that attack your base.
Get ready to charge into the thick of the fray if you want to take out rampaging Pals that attack your base.

What are the benefits if you use these early-game weapons

The most basic item you can craft at the start is the Wooden Club, but it does measly damage and you really need to get close enough to a target. The Stone Spear, however, deals slightly higher damage and it has a longer reach. Speaking of reach, the Old Bow is the first range weapon that you can acquire. Since some Pals like to run off, you'll be able to shoot them from a distance.

As for the Common Shield, it's not really a weapon, but we consider it integral to combat. That's because it can absorb the damage that you take in place of having your HP depleted. It's also replenished over time as long as you don't take damage for a few seconds.

Lastly, bear in mind that gear pieces also have corresponding upgraded variants. For instance, later melee weapons and tools require metal or refined metal. For ranged weapons, meanwhile, there's the Three-Shot Bow. We feel that it's also one of the best early-to-mid-game weapons in Palworld. It fires three shots simultaneously, though it only uses up a single arrow. The alternative is the Crossbow, which loads slowly but shoots more powerful projectiles.

These are what we consider as the best early-game weapons in Palworld. This is just the start of an eventful journey. Later on, you'll get to obtain guns/firearms.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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