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Best Nintendo Switch Skins For 2021: Stylish, Protective, And Safe-To-Use Options

Nintendo Switch skins let you safely personalize your console while protecting it from scratches and other damage.


The Nintendo Switch is a versatile console in terms of the number of ways you can play it, but when it comes to designs, your official options are more limited outside of buying one of its special editions or a new $80 pair of Joy-Cons. That's why Nintendo Switch skins are such an appealing option: They're much cheaper, offer a broader range of designs and colors, and also add an extra layer of protection to your console (many of them come with a screen protector as well). Though you'll likely still want a carrying case to fully protect your Switch while you're out and about, Switch skins can help guard against everyday wear and tear. And whether you're looking to rep a specific franchise (like The Legend of Zelda), sport a cutesy theme, or customize your design, there are some excellent and affordable Switch skins out there worth considering.

Are Nintendo Switch skins safe to use?

This is still a common concern for many people considering whether or not to skin their Switch, and it actually stems from one of the brands featured on this list: Dbrand. Back in 2017, Dbrand warned gamers against using any Nintendo Switch skins because, in their early testing, they discovered that the Joy-Con coating was susceptible to damage from their adhesive when the skin was removed. However, Dbrand has since developed a new type of adhesive that is easily removed without any damage (you can read more about it on their website), and other companies have followed suit to create skins that are perfectly safe to use. Every Nintendo Switch skin on this list can be safely used and removed without leaving damage on your Switch or Joy-Cons.

Best Nintendo Switch skins

If you're looking to pick up a new Nintendo Switch skin, you'll find an overwhelming amount of options out there on Amazon alone, so we've dug through them all and highlighted some of the best-reviewed brands below. These are a good place to start if you're shopping for a cute Switch skin, though they're by no means the only options worth considering.

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