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Best Nintendo Switch Grips For Comfortable Handheld Play

The Nintendo Switch isn't the most comfortable handheld device, but these Nintendo Switch grip cases turn it into something that feels more like a Pro Controller.


Few consoles are as versatile as the Nintendo Switch--it's a portable gaming console you can hook up to your TV or take on the go. But if you play the Switch in handheld mode a lot, you know it's not always the best portable gaming experience. With its small buttons and lack of a rubber grip (or any grip, really) on the Joy-Cons, it's often not comfortable, especially during longer sessions of input-heavy games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even the handheld-only Switch Lite, which features a smaller form factor, lacks the ergonomic grip of a traditional controller and isn't ideal.

However, there is a solution to that tingling hands problem that makes the Switch more comfortable to play in portable mode (besides just using a Switch Pro controller): a Nintendo Switch grip case. These comfort grips work much in the same way as protective cases do, except they add a little something to grab onto without forcing you away from the screen, making them feel more like an Xbox controller.

While there are some wonderful Nintendo Switch grips out there that we absolutely love, not every device we tested was a winner. RDS Industries' Goplay Grip put my hands in an awkward position for most games, while the Orzly Comfort Grip didn't provide enough of a gaming controller handle to hold comfortably. Most Nintendo Switch gaming grips fell somewhere between these two.

But there are a few standout comfort grips that are absolutely worth buying--below, we've rounded up the best Nintendo Switch grip cases we've tried and can vouch for. We'll update this article as we test new Switch comfort grips or upgraded versions that make handheld play much more comfortable.

Quick look: The best Nintendo Switch grips

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