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Best Nintendo Switch Grip 2021: Comfortable Grips For Handheld Play

From Satisfye to Hori, these Switch Joy-Con grip cases and controllers make handheld play a much more pleasant experience.


Despite the Nintendo Switch's versatility as a console you can hook up to your TV or take on the go, it's not always the best portable experience. With its small buttons and lack of a rubber grip (or any grip, really) on the Joy-Cons, the Switch in handheld mode can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially during longer sessions with input-heavy Switch games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even the handheld-only Switch Lite, with its small form factor, suffers from the same issue. That's why a grip is arguably the number one Switch accessory that handheld-focused players should pick up. From the Satisfye Switch grip case (which your Switch just slides into to give you a better grip) to the pricier Hori Split Pad Pro (which actually replaces your Switch Joy-Cons with wider controllers), there's now a variety of Nintendo Switch grip options out there that make the handheld experience far better than it is naturally, and we've tested many of the main options on the market.

While there are some wonderful Nintendo Switch grips out there that we absolutely love, not every device we tested was a winner. Cases that didn't quite make the cut include the RDS Industries Goplay Grip, which forces your hands into an awkward position for most games, and the Orzly Comfort Grip, which didn't provide enough of a gaming controller handle to hold comfortably. Of course, based on the types of games you're playing and the size of your hands, what's most comfortable may vary. Still, there are a few standout Nintendo Switch grips that we'd highly recommend, ranging from a budget-friendly $20 up to $60 at the priciest.

The best Nintendo Switch grips

As of right now, the following grip cases have been designed for the standard Switch or Switch Lite, and we've included links to grips for both versions as well as any carrying case bundles where applicable. We can't guarantee that any of the following grips (aside from the Hori Split Pad Pro, which works the same as regular Joy-Cons) will be compatible with the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, which is 0.1 inches wider than the standard Switch model.

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