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Best Nintendo Switch Deals In January 2022

We've rounded up the best Switch deals available now, including games, consoles, and accessories.


Though the holiday season is over, that doesn't mean there aren't still great deals to be found. If you're looking for some new games or accessories for your Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of discounts on first-party exclusives, headsets, controllers, carrying cases, and more. Sadly, those interested in picking up a Nintendo Switch might have a hard time finding a console due to stock shortages--and finding one for less than retail price is very unlikely. We've rounded up the best Nintendo Switch deals available in January.

In addition to the Nintendo Switch deals below, make sure to check out our series of roundups covering all things Nintendo Switch. We have lists featuring the best Nintendo Switch games, best Nintendo Switch games for kids, and best Switch multiplayer games. If you're looking for some great Switch accessories, we've rounded up the best Nintendo Switch controllers, carrying cases, grips, and skins.

Note: The prices reflected below are subject to change due to the ever-fluctuating nature of deals, especially at Amazon. The prices shown were accurate as of our last update.

Best Nintendo Switch game deals

A wide selection of Nintendo Switch exclusives are on sale for $10 to $20 off right now, including Super Mario Odyssey, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and more. Don't forget to also check out the Nintendo Switch eShop's sale page, as new deals pop up all the time.

Best Nintendo Switch console deals

Outside of bundle deals and slight discounts around Black Friday, it's exceedingly rare to see deals on Nintendo Switch consoles. So even though 2022 has just started, it's a safe bet that Nintendo Switch consoles won't be seeing any meaningful discounts for many months. In fact, simply finding a Nintendo Switch at retail price may become challenging. The Switch OLED is still experiencing stock shortages, but even the "dated" models aren't available at all times. For instance, the regular Switch is sold out at numerous retailers, and multiple colors of the Switch Lite are out of stock everywhere.

Below, we've highlighted all three Switch models and listed where they are currently in stock (at the time of writing).

Best Nintendo Switch accessory deals

From controllers to memory cards and headsets, there's a wide range of Switch accessories that can enhance your overall experience. Check out some of the best Switch accessories currently on sale below.

Best Switch controller deals

You can currently save on some nice third-party controllers, including numerous PowerA controllers and Hori's excellent Split Pad Pro.

Best Switch headset deals

When it comes to headsets for Nintendo Switch, some of the best options are universal and work across all of your gaming platforms. And since the Switch supports Bluetooth now, you can even use audio options that aren't necessarily meant for gaming, including Apple AirPods. Right now, you can save big on headsets from popular companies such as Razer, Corsair, and SteelSeries.

Best Switch carrying case deals

There is no shortage of Nintendo Switch carrying cases out there. Below, we've highlighted some carrying case deals that stood out to us. We've included at least one option for all three Switch models.

Best Switch grip deals

A Nintendo Switch grip can significantly improve comfort for handheld play, so it's definitely worth investing in one if your hands tend to get cramped after playing for a bit.

Best Switch microSD card deals

The Switch and Switch Lite come with 32GB of onboard storage, while the Switch OLED has 64GB. Regardless of which model you have, you'll likely need to add additional storage to store your games--plus, some games even require a microSD card. Thankfully, microSD cards are very reasonably priced.

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