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Best New PC Games For Steam: Free Psychological Horror, Great Gun Feel, And More You Missed

Robots, mechs, aliens, we've got it all!

Anyone who pays attention to the PC world knows that there are so many new games that release on computers every week, and aside from the really huge releases, it’s hard to tell whether you might enjoy something or not. That's where STEAM PUNKS comes in--we’re taking some of that guesswork away, and showing you the best hidden gems we find.

This week, Edmond takes a look at unforgiving shooter Synthetik, a rougelite where firing your gun is the hardest, and most satisfying part of the game. He also throws some spare change at mech strategy/shooter hybrid Armed to the Gears, and we ponder the perceptions of cost being an indication of quality.

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Speaking of cost and quality, Jess plays free adventure game Traum and has a great, if not horrifying, time. She then gets slothful with her own hybrid pick of Lazy Galaxy, an RTS/idle clicker mashup that is taking unattended computers across the galaxy by storm!

Have you been playing any fantastic new PC games that we missed? We want to hear about them! Let us know on Twitter: @EdmondTran + @JessMcDonell

Steam store links: Synthetik | Armed to the Gears | Traum | Lazy Galaxy

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