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Best Madden 24 WRs: Top Wide Receivers By OVR Rating

The best wide receivers in Madden 24 have arrived, and we're breaking them down by their OVR rating.


It's finally time for a new year in Madden, and ratings week has kicked off the start of the 2023-2024 campaign. After initially revealing Justin Jefferson as the first member of the Madden 24 99 Club, the official Madden Twitter account unveiled all of the OVR ratings for each wide receiver in the game.

Of course, it's the top ten receivers that have garnered the most attention. Compared to last year, there are certainly familiar faces in the top ten, but there are also a few surprises that come as a result of some stellar play during the 2022-23 season. As always, these ratings are subject to change throughout the course of the next year, so fans shouldn't get too attached to where each receiver stands. For now, though, fans can view the top ten wide receivers to begin the year in Madden 24.

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Top 10 WRs in Madden 24

There is almost always at least one wide receiver in the 99 Club of Madden, and this year the distinction belongs to Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson. Jefferson dazzled fans and opponents in his junior season and managed to dethrone Davante Adams as the 99 Club's only wide receiver. Time will tell if Jefferson can keep his hold on the spot, as there are some incredible receivers lurking just behind him in the ratings.

1. Justin Jefferson - 99 OVR

Jefferson no longer needs any introduction, as he has thoroughly proved his stardom with another terrific season. His 1,800 yards and miraculous catches week after week have earned him a spot in the 99 Club, and all signs point to him remaining there for years to come.

2. Tyreek Hill - 98 OVR

After one year in Mike McDaniel's system in Miami, Tyreek Hill has only improved upon his OVR rating in Madden 24. Hill has received a one-point bump compared to the start of last year and is now the second-highest-rated receiver in the game. As always, Hill's best attribute is his speed. Most other receivers don't come close to matching Hill's 99 OVR speed, making him among the best downfield threats in any offense.

3. Davante Adams - 97 OVR

While Adams certainly did not have a bad season in 2022-23, it wasn't quite strong enough to maintain a grip on his 99 Club spot. The Raiders star will now have Jimmy Garoppolo throwing him balls, which doesn't appear to be an upgrade or downgrade from now-Saints QB Derek Carr. It's safe to say we can expect similar production from Adams this season, but will it be enough to leapfrog either Hill or Jefferson?

4. Stefon Diggs - 96 OVR

Stefon Diggs might have started off the 2023-24 campaign with a scare to Buffalo fans, but he has remained a Bill and all signs point to him and QB Josh Allen having another stellar year together. Diggs remains a fantastic all-around wide receiver that players can rely on when throwing near the sidelines.

5. Cooper Kupp - 96 OVR

Cooper Kupp had arguably the best season by a wide receiver in the last several years during the 2021-22 season. This resulted in him receiving a 98 OVR rating in Madden 23, which some fans actually believe was too low. However, in Madden 24, there's no controversy about where Kupp stands. A down year for the LA Rams dropped Kupp's overall production, but there is no denying his overall skill in the slot receiver spot.

6. Ja'Marr Chase - 94 OVR

Believe it or not, this is Ja'Marr Chase's first time being featured in the top ten of Madden wide receivers. In Madden 23, Chase was perhaps rated too low, only starting the year at an 87 OVR. However, that has changed significantly in Madden 24 after another great year between Chase at receiver and Joe Burrow at QB. There's no reason to think Chase won't continue to put up huge numbers for the Bengals this season.

7. DeAndre Hopkins - 93 OVR

Meet the newest member of the Tennessee Titans. DeAndre Hopkins chose to sign with the Titans over other suitors right before training camp begins and has once again made the top ten receivers list. While it is a fall from his previous ratings, if Hopkins can remain healthy, his OVR should increase as the season progresses.

8. Terry McLaurin - 92 OVR

Scary Terry is now a back-to-back member of the top ten receivers list. The homegrown star has continually gotten better and better every year since arriving in Washington. That's mightily impressive given the Commanders' past and current situation at quarterback. Still, despite the uneasiness in the QB room, McLaurin has remained a 1,000+ yard receiver and a force to be reckoned with.

9. A.J. Brown - 91 OVR

Some might say A.J. Brown deserved a higher rating, and it's hard to argue with that. Brown was an immediate presence on the field after arriving in Philly last season, forming a lethal duo with fellow receiver DeVonta Smith. Brown turned into a dominant downfield threat for QB Jalen Hurts and will likely improve upon his rating quickly.

10. Amari Cooper - 91 OVR

Rounding out the list is the same receiver who did so last season. Amari Cooper has been given a one-point bump from Madden 23 after maintaining his play as a member of the Browns. With QB Deshaun Watson ready to play an entire season, the ceiling for Cooper appears to be much higher than it did a year ago.

Honorable Mentions

There are two other receivers who were given 90 OVR ratings but just missed out on the top ten list: Tampa Bay's Mike Evans and Dallas' CeeDee Lamb. Evans has been a consistent presence in the top ten for the past few years, but his amazing 1,000-yards-per-season streak looks to be in jeopardy with the current quarterback situation in Tampa. As for Lamb, his future looks extremely bright with Dak Prescott still at the helm. You can check out the rest of the ratings for the wide receivers by visiting EA's website.

Those are the top ten wide receivers by OVR in Madden 24 to start the 2023 season. Check back for tomorrow for another positional group to be revealed.

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