Best Fortnite Landing Spots - Chapter 3 Season 2

Finding the best spot to land in Season 2 is about more than just filling your pockets.


The best Fortnite landing spots in Season 2 are the ones that offer more than just loads of loot. Grabbing items and weapons early is important, but the Chapter 3 map has a handful of locations that give you even more, such as special cover, vehicles, and easy access to important NPCs. Where some of Chapter 2’s best landing spots let us linger for longer before the storm closed in, most of Chapter 3, Season 2’s top picks don’t offer that luxury. You’ll need to finish your business fast and move on, lest you risk getting caught in the storm.

The Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle is, without question, one of the season’s top drop spots, and not just because it features nearly five dozen chests to open. The building complex is a bit of a labyrinth, which is ideal for hiding, setting traps, or even just stashing some extra items while you loot everything around you. Since the Bugle is at the edge of the map, it’s not somewhere you can linger for too long, though there’s usually enough time to get your inventory in order and see a few dozen competitors bumped off before jumping into the fray yourself--literally, if you use the Bugle’s web trampolines to get around.

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Chonker’s Speedway

Chonker’s Speedway and its dirt track race course are one of the more standout zones in Season 2. The speedway has a solid mix of cover and loot, with plenty of places to hole up if need be and more than 30 chests to plunder. If you’re after high-level items, you can head to the Seven Outpost in the southeastern portion of the area. As you’d expect from a speedway, there are also several sports cars you can hop in, each already equipped with off-road tires. That's good whether you’re up for a ride around the race course or just need to make tracks on the rest of the map.

Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound is your ideal suburb, with access to a number of handy amenities to make each battle just a little bit easier This is more than just Chapter 3’s basic neighborhood. Alongside the quiet houses full of chests and the streets ripe with materials for harvesting, you’ve got a body of water to fish in, cars to steal, and even a gas station to refuel at. The only downside is how far north Sleepy Sound is. This is a spot you’ll want to move through quickly in most cases, before the storm closes in and cuts you off.

Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts is one of the few areas that’s not prone to getting cut off the first time the storm shrinks. What it lacks in loot, Shifty Shafts makes up for in places to hide--and, usually, a fair number of item drops from players who weren’t quite so lucky. The shafts themselves have solid defensive potential without you even having to build any structures, but if you do prefer a spot of construction, you can turn the shafts into a veritable fortress until the storm closes in. If you don’t feel like fighting for a while, consider dropping here first unless the Battle Bus flies directly overhead.


Dropping in Sanctuary is a bit of a gamble, though one that has a potentially high payoff. There’s usually no one else in the area, and once you’re there, you have the advantage of picking off explorers while they swim to the islands. The islands themselves have plenty of good loot to set yourself up with, along with several NPCs, including The Visitor and The Foundation. There’s even a Seven Outpost on the southeastern island. Like Sleepy Sound, though, you won’t want to linger here. Being on the edge of the map means it often gets swallowed up in the storm within the first few minutes.

Camp Cuddle

Camp Cuddle may seem a bit out of the way for a good landing spot, but that’s exactly what makes it worthwhile. There’s just enough loot to get started with, four NPCs who may spawn there, and plenty of opportunity to fish, for those keen on the aquatic pastime. If you’re after a quieter, more laid back start to the match, this is the landing spot for you. Make sure to travel north before you leave and check out the Seven Outpost near the coast.

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