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Best Flight Sticks For Microsoft Flight Simulator On Xbox And PC

From HOTAS flight sticks to yokes and even an Xbox-friendly keyboard, here are some peripherals that'll enhance your experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Microsoft Flight Simulator was a runaway hit when it launched on PC in 2020, drawing many people into the flight sim genre for the first time and receiving widespread acclaim from critics (it received a 9/10 in GameSpot's own Microsoft Flight Simulator review). Now, Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally making its way to Xbox Series X|S on July 27, and it's getting major performance updates on the PC side the same day. With all of that news, there's sure to be plenty of people jumping into the game on Xbox for the first time or returning to it on PC, and some of those people may be looking to upgrade their experience with a flight stick. Though there are plenty of flight stick options out there from brands like Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Hori, the options for Xbox Series X are still somewhat slim, but we've rounded up the best flight sticks (and other peripherals) that will make your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience better whether you choose to hop in on Xbox or PC.

Most of the products here are HOTAS (or Hands-On Throttle and Stick), the industry standard for joysticks, and they'll simply give you much greater control over your flight experience and significantly heighten the immersion as well. It's best to stick with reputable brands like those mentioned above, even though some flight stick options can cost hundreds of dollars, because you can be sure of the flight stick's quality and durability.

Due to the release not only of Microsoft Flight Simulator but also Star Wars Squadrons (and just general product shortages), 2020 was a difficult time to pick up a new flight stick as many of the top ones were completely sold out online, but thankfully, we're starting to see stock stabilize with plenty of options available to buy now. Microsoft also recently announced a range of new peripherals officially licensed for Xbox that'll work with Flight Simulator, and we've included some of those here as well.

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