20 Best Documentaries To Watch On Hulu Right Now (October 2021)

Hulu has a fantastic offering of streaming documentaries to educate and entertain. Here are the best to watch right now.


If you're looking for amazing stories and unreal true life adventures, you'll probably want to check out one of the many documentaries available on various streaming services. And one of the best places for great documentaries is none other than Hulu.

Between Hulu originals and licensed content, the service offers a wide variety of documentaries, from true crime stories like Sasquatch--which isn't about Bigfoot at all--to human interest stories like Minding the Gap and Soleil Moon Frye's Kid 90 film.

We combed through the vast Hulu catalog in order to find some of the best documentaries for you to watch right now. All you need is a Hulu account in order to watch them all. Here are the 20 best documentaries on Hulu, in no particular order.

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