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Best Cyber Monday Gaming Headset Deals Still Available

If you're looking for a new headset for your Xbox Series X or PS5, Cyber Monday 2020 has brought some great deals on Astro, Razer, and HyperX gaming headsets.


Cyber Monday is here, which means if you're looking to pick up a new accessory for yourself or someone on your shopping list, there's still time to do so at a great price. Besides all of the Cyber Monday game deals, there are still some great markdowns to be found on gaming headsets. With brands like HyperX, Astro, and Razer all getting in on the Cyber Monday savings, there are some great headsets to be found at very reasonable prices, including options for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, the best deals on SteelSeries gaming headsets have ended.

We've rounded up a handful of the best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals below, some of which have universal compatibility across all platforms, including Xbox Series X and PS5. A gaming headset is one of the first accessories you should grab when you get a new console. Headsets are vital for multiplayer games, but they're also great for single-player games, since they typically pinpoint sounds and create a more immersive experience. See our guide to the best PS5 gaming headsets for 2020 for more options if you're shopping for that platform.

For more deals, take a look at our roundup of the best Cyber Monday gaming deals. If you're looking for deals for a specific platform, we have dedicated lists for Xbox Series X/Xbox One, PS5/PS4, and Nintendo Switch deals.

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I can tell you to avoid the HyperX Cloud Orbit S. $249 and the worst sounding pair of headphones I've ever had. My 18 year old Sony studio monitor headphones, which were probably about $100 sound better.

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