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Best Cyber Monday Gaming Headset Deals for PS5, Series X, Switch, And PC

Need an audio upgrade? These Cyber Monday deals on gaming headsets sound pretty good.


With Black Friday sales winding down and Cyber Monday kicking off, we've rounded up the best gaming headset deals for PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. An essential part of any gaming setup, headsets are perfect for creating a deeper sense of immersion, communicating with friends online, and giving some measure of peace to a household that doesn't want to hear a Locust trooper being ripped in half during a round of Gears 5 multiplayer.

Dedicated console headsets bring their own unique charm to the gaming table--Sony and Microsoft have their own distinct audio hardware--while a number of third-party devices offer superlative sound, microphones that are great for in-game chatter, and even multi-platform flexibility.

All the heavyweights of high-quality audio have something to offer, from Razer through to Logitech. Wired and wireless options aren't in short supply, and if you're looking for a few ideas on which one to buy then check out our guide to the best PC headsets of 2021, best PS5 headsets, best Xbox headsets, and best Nintendo Switch Bluetooth headphones.

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