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Every Wednesday is new comic book day and hundreds of books hit local shops and the digital market. While many readers pick books based on the creative teams involved or the stories and characters contained within, every comic is trying its best to grasp the consumer's attention with its cover.

Each week, we highlight some of the best comic book cover art from the past week's releases and discuss the artists involved. Here's what caught our eye this week.

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Bill & Ted Go To Hell #1 by Logan Faerber is a pretty rocking cover. This is an interesting way to present the rock duo. We see the cover of a Wyld Stallyns LP here, hanging out in a record store. There's also a nice Easter egg in the background of Death's solo albums too.

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Rafael Albuquerque sure does love doing homage covers. Many people will find the cover for Huck #4 to be familiar as it's a take on the poster for the 1982 film E.T. It may not have anything to do with the contents of the comic, but it's a fun cover that reminds us of a horribly sad film.

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Chip Zdarsky, an artist and writer known for his sense of humor, drew the cover of Silver Surfer #2. Zdarsky utilizes Silver Surfer's board in a unique way as a tongue depressor for the planet-eating entity Galactus. There is actually some great use of color and shading on this cover as well.

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Once again, Alex Ross makes the list with his cover for Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man #8. Ross has a way to make characters look stoic and epic. Spider-Man has this Superman-like moment, revealing his costume underneath his clothing. This cover pops and is very eye-catching. It's some of Ross' coolest recent work.

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Finally, here's Superman: American Alien #4 by Jae Lee & June Chung. Believe it or not, this cover represents a moment from the issue, where Batman gets a bit beaten up. Chung's colors are beautiful and Lee pays great attention to detail, from the look on Batman's face to the cracks in the walls behind him.

That's it for this week. Let us know what covers you loved.

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