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Every Wednesday is new comic book day and hundreds of books hit local shops and the digital market. While many readers pick books based on the creative teams involved or the stories and characters contained within, every comic is trying its best to grasp the consumer's attention with its cover.

Each week, we will be highlighting some of the best comic book cover art from the past week's releases and discussing the artists involved. Here's what caught our eye this week.

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Batman '66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #3 by Mike Allred was a fantastic piece this past week. Allred's style is from another era and the overall composition is really cool, having the reflection of the cast in the helmet. The colorwork on this cover is a real standout as well.

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Julian Totino Tedesco has been doing some amazing-looking work the past year. On the cover for Red Wolf #3, readers are treated to this cool wild west meets the modern era action sequence. The color and shading are perfect for this piece, and who doesn't love someone getting lassoed?

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Marvel is still releasing hip-hop variant covers, and this week, Deadpool #7 by Rahzzah arrived. The piece is based on the album Trill by Bun B. What's really interesting about this cover is how the fonts match the original album cover art.

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Here's Darth Vader #16 by Kaare Andrews. Readers get a close and personal look at this iconic villain. It feels menacing and uneasy. Andrews really captures the comic book version of Vader well, and the way this cover plays with the dark and the light is phenomenal.

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All-New, All-Different Avengers #5 by Alex Ross is a playful piece that hearkens back to classic Marvel Comics covers where someone is getting kicked off the team. We've seen that cover time and time again, but Ross ushers in this idea for a new age, with Kamala Khan leaving the group

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Finally, Ninjak #12 by Keron Grant closes it out this week. It's a still piece that shows a ton of movement, almost giving it a surreal feel. The color palate Grant chose here is really nice, and the lighting around Ninjak makes the cover have an incredible pop.

What covers did you love this week?

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