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Best Cheap Gaming Chair: Get A Solid Chair For Around $100 This Holiday

Gaming chairs add style and comfort to your home setup, but they can be pricey. Here are the 10 best cheap gaming chairs to consider.


While the best gaming chairs can cost upwards of $500 or more, there are some solid budget options that still feature some of the much-needed features to keep you comfy and supported while gaming. We've rounded up our picks for the best cheap gaming chairs, from traditional racing style seats to rockers and more. And though these chairs already have low prices, it's certainly possible they will be on sale for even better prices during Black Friday.

We've only chosen chairs with a plethora of highly-rated user reviews on Amazon. Many of these budget gaming chairs can be purchased for around $100, and some of them are even cheaper. These gaming chairs sacrifice in some departments, of course. Most notably, they are made with cheaper materials, so durability can be an issue. If you plan on using your gaming chair daily for both work and play, you might want to opt for a higher end chair that will retain its shape and comfort throughout years of use.

There are a number of reasons to add a gaming chair to your setup at home. Yes, they tend to look cooler than the average desk chair, but they also have tangible benefits. Gaming chairs are typically designed for comfort throughout lengthy sessions--whether you're sitting at your desk working or leaning back to relax while playing your favorite games. They have taller backs to support your head and neck, lumbar support, and some even have footrests. Plus, have we mentioned these racing-style chairs look really cool?

The ergonomic design of gaming chairs puts them above some standard office chairs, mainly due to the added lumbar and head/neck support. If you're finding that your lower back is sore after sitting in a regular desk chair, an ergonomic gaming chair is a great option for you.

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