Best Buy's Gaming Deals For Cyber Monday / Black Friday 2018: $200 PS4, Great Xbox One X Bundle, More

A look at all things gaming on sale at Best Buy.

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Black Friday deals may largely be done, save for some of the digital game store sales, but that doesn't mean you'll stop saving money on deals. Cyber Monday is here, and access to Best Buy's Cyber Monday sales have begun. This features many of the same deals we saw on Black Friday, but that doesn't make them any less good, including a stellar Xbox One X Battlefield V bundle for $430 and PSVR for $200.

Black Friday 2018 is behind us but the various deals and discounts that became available for it are still around for you to take advantage of. If you've done your due diligence and checked out early ads to scope out what you want, you'll be one step ahead of the rest in scoring those deals, but if you haven't done the extra leg work, we're here to help. Best Buy's full ad included a ton of games, all of which we've outlined below.

There are a bunch of PS4, Xbox One, and Switch games on sale, along with hardware and accessories. Best Buy's console deals are limited in number, but they present a good way to pick up any of the big systems. Many of them are similar to what you'll find at other stores, but it does have what might be the best deal on an Xbox One X. For $430, you get a special-edition Xbox One X that's bundled with November's Battlefield V, plus a second controller.

Those looking for a PS4 can get one bundled with Marvel's Spider-Man, which just released in September, for $200. $200 can also get you an Xbox One S Minecraft bundle. If you're in the market for a Nintendo Switch, you'll get the same offer at places like Target, which is a $300 bundle (the standard price of the system) that includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The bulk of the gaming offers are on specific games. Among the highlights is the recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $45, God of War for $25, and PUBG (Xbox One) for $15. For $30, you can get Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Madden NFL 19, NBA 2K19, or Forza Horizon 4. Switch, which often doesn't get a lot of discounts, has a number of games on sale, including Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze for $40, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for $20, and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for $35. 3DS owners can pick up Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for $20 each.

Outside of individual games, Best Buy has deals on a variety of accessories, including a 30% discount on all Astro headsets. But some of the best offers it has are for subscriptions: You can get 12 months of PlayStation Plus for $40 or 12 months of Xbox Game Pass for $70. Considering the latter gets you access to certain games you might be buying on sale (like Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves), it could be a preferable option.

Read on for the full list of game deals, and check out our roundup of all Black Friday deals for much more.

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GameSpot has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to toxic conduct in comments. Any abusive, racist, sexist, threatening, bullying, vulgar, and otherwise objectionable behavior will result in moderation and/or account termination. Please keep your discussion civil.

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That BFV Xbox One X bundle is looking mighty tasty. That's a hell of a deal. I already own the game on PC and still might bite on this. Then I could play RDR2. Hmm..

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Best Buy has a no return policy on Black Friday products, so good luck with that. They are as bad as GAMESTOP. GO TO WALMART!!

Avatar image for pharoe777

@bubba_666: sucks that you had a bad experience with them, I've had nothing but good experiences at best buy and is my go to store for all games... nothing like gamestop.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@bubba_666: Return for cash? No. But if something is defective, you can absolutely exchange it. Also, depending on the state where you live, state laws will trump their corporate return policy excluding certain categories.

The fact that you are arguing for Walmart is rather silly, too. Both stores have different specials (even on games). A wise shopper will go to the store that offers the lowest price. And with the ability to buy online early offered by both, there's no reason not to.

Avatar image for ibonedyourmom

Wow! You can get a $5 steam game for only $25 on Switch! Sweet deal!

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@ibonedyourmom: Which one? None of the listed games for Switch on this article exist on Steam.

Avatar image for ibonedyourmom

@CyberEarth: You're an idiot. Quite a few of them are on steam, but I was referring to Undertale.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@ibonedyourmom: It's $10 on Steam, and it's just launched on Switch 2 months ago. Additionally, you know that Switch is a physical platform AND a Nintendo platform and both have their premiums.

But the beauty of capitalism is that if you don't like it - don't buy it.