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Best Buy's $100 Game Discount Program Dropping to $30

A two-year Gamers Club Unlocked membership will soon be much cheaper.

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Best Buy will steeply discount the price of a two-year Gamers Club Unlocked membership on March 8, dropping its permanent price from $100 to $30.

The primary perk of Gamers Club Unlocked is a 20-percent discount on all new game purchases. That means when buying a new, $60 game, you'll instead pay only $48 (plus tax). Combined with the occasional $10 reward certificate offer for preordering games, GCU can make buying games at launch slightly more palatable for those who are frustrated when they see new games discounted shortly after they're released.

The 20 percent discount also applies to Amiibo figures, dropping their usual price of $13 to $10.39.

Other perks include a 10-percent trade-in credit bonus and a 10-percent discount on all used games. You also get double My Best Buy points on money you spend on new video games, digital games, and game accessories, as well as double points on games you trade in.

In the case of new games, the 20-percent discount does have one caveat to be aware of: You're limited to receiving the discount on a single game only three times per platform, per year. In other words, you could get, say, four discounted copies of a single game (be it Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3, or whatever else), but only three of those could be for the same platform.

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