Best Buy holding Xbox One, PS4 launch events

Retailer opening its stores across the country in November for midnight release events for next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.


Gamers who just can't wait to get their hands on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can attend midnight launch events at Best Buy this November, the company has announced.

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Best Buy said (via CNET) that it will begin selling PlayStation 4 consoles and Xbox One systems at 12:01 a.m. on November 15 and November 22, respectively, in North America.

A list of participating Best Buy locations is available on the company's website for the PS4 and Xbox One.

In addition to the special midnight events, Best Buy announced a new promotion for select Xbox One titles for those who have bought the game's Xbox 360 counterpart and elect to trade it in at the retailer.

Best Buy will give up to $40 of in-store credit for these games, which will also include a $10 trade-in coupon when purchased. This effectively equates to upgrading from the Xbox 360 version of a game to the Xbox One version for $10.

More information about the trade-up program is available on Best Buy's website.

Retailers Amazon and GameStop, as well as publishers like Sony and Activision, are holding similar promotions.

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Avatar image for Black_Knight_99

no but i dont have to pay more for pc service like the xbox one or ps 4

Avatar image for Thedarknight147

I honestly am not getting any of the consoles at launch, mostly to the fact that people go bat shit crazy to get a console. So im just gonna wait a few months and buy my ps4 when more games come out or a new bundle pack releases.

Avatar image for NaNoSQDX

I feel like Best buy ALWAYS has some fights or stabbing break out when there is a midnight release. I'll just go to my local GameStop with my getaway car ready if anybody tries something lol

Avatar image for starjay009

Can someone kindly explain to me what is the difference between a 'DAY ONE' edition and 'Standard' edition ? Pretty please ?!

Avatar image for nissanmaxima


The Day One edition has "Day One Edtion" on the controller for starters. Plus you get a special achievement. That's it. Games that are Day One copies have extra achievements & exclusive content to download.

Avatar image for LJNkickstarter

@Money71 And it also shows just how much free time you have.

Avatar image for jcv1811

I've got a question: If you do not have a preorder on these consoles you can't buy one at these launch events?? I mean, will these launch events have more consoles available to the public?

Avatar image for nissanmaxima


Microsoft just stated that there will be enough Xbox One consoles besides the pre-orders available at launch. I don't know about the PS4 since I have zero interest in owning one.

Avatar image for untouchables111

You could possibly just buy 1 bestbuy will surly have a few on hand and I mean a few. Just find out from ur local place if they expect extras and when u can line up and just be the first one there and ur good.

Avatar image for t3ero2zero

@jcv1811 i think it's only the day ones are sold out you can still get the standard unit well that is the case for microsoft

Avatar image for Campbell12

I preordered mines at best buy so pick it up at midnight

Avatar image for devild0ogwhite

Midnight launch? No thank you. I'll wait till the next morning when there's minimal odds of me getting shanked walking back to my car with my PS4.

Avatar image for untouchables111

Ya know that really a thing of the past. It only take 1 bad person to teach everyone that ample lighting and security will deter those people.

Avatar image for soda128

@devild0ogwhite my thoughts exactly, except with my Xbox One. I know there is gonna be a lot of people there many of them are probably there to steal and ebay-ify my console

Avatar image for straightcur

everyone in line will be guaranteed to get................. their name on a waiting list for the next shipment, as all day one consoles will be spoken for..... LOL

I predict lots of angry suckers.

Avatar image for dmastor

I can't wait for Killer instinct. Hope it's as good as it looks.

Avatar image for DeViLzzz

Black Friday and selling consoles at midnight on these launch dates with how crazy the console wars are this time around is a bad idea. I wish this kind of stuff was banned.

Avatar image for denhoffi

Awww, in Europe they never do stuff like that...

Avatar image for soulless4now

I predict a fight at each event because console launches are serious business.

Avatar image for MALEVOLENT312

@soulless4now I agree. These types of things bring out the worst in people. I hope I'm wrong,but I have a feeling someone is going to make national headlines for being robbed or killed over their next gen console. I'd rather pay the extra money and have it shipped to my door then deal with a mob full of morons.

Avatar image for MALEVOLENT312

@soulless4now If they will riot over the new Jordan's, believe me, they will riot over this!

Avatar image for Phazevariance

Wonder if those guys that buy consoles to smash them infront of the people waiting in line will be there for these launches this gen...

Avatar image for chris12878

What the hell is wrong with everyone. It's real smart to bash the X1 or the PS4 cause you support just one system. Give me a break true gamers should support all video games in general for the industry. I have been a gamer since I was 8, now 35, and back in the day no one cared about which console was better. I am sick of people with the fan boy BS! F*** that a game is a game and people just need to enjoy whatever they have X1 or PS4 and stop being a fan boy for their system. I have a 360 and PS3 next to each other now, and pre-ordered both X1 and PS4! Last, can't wait for GTA5, gonna be awesome!!!

Avatar image for soda128

@chris12878 I'm a long time gamer too. When you get older and have a good job console wars seem even more meaningless, especially when you can buy both consoles and not have to wait for parents or whatever to get it. I've never owned a Sony console and it's not because I hate it or anything.

Avatar image for dmastor


Avatar image for King-of-Leon

@chris12878 Not everyone is rich like you...

Avatar image for Money71

I'm getting both consoles on day one to does not mean your rich just means you might have extra money that you worked hard for to buy what you want that's all

Avatar image for metgear2000

@King-of-Leon @chris12878 My biggest complaint is about people who don't like a system because of the company that makes it. I think even if you don't like M$ or Sony, you should judge their products on individual basis. I for one do not like Apple, but I love an iPhone for example.

Avatar image for FrankZoex2

@metgear2000 @King-of-Leon @chris12878 You had me until you put a $ sign in MS. Kinda makes your point redundant.

Avatar image for gamestoreguy

@chris12878 Right....there was never a nintendo is better than sega (or vice versa) battle back in the day.

Avatar image for Henninger

@gamestoreguy @chris12878 There was a nintendo vs. sega battle back in the day. Just wasn't as heated as today's console wars. SNES vs. Genesis was the best console war ever imo.

Avatar image for DoUbLeZzMk2

Sweetness!!! Wishing i pre-ordered mine at bestbuy, i pre-ordered mine at a gamestop in a mall, and im not sure if they can do a midnight launch!!! =/

Avatar image for Zloth2

Can PC gamers sneak in and buy new PC games that finally start taking advantage of their hardware?

Avatar image for metgear2000

@Zloth2 lol, amen brother

Avatar image for metgear2000

@Zloth2 I've been waiting for the new gen. of consoles, since crytek downgraded the graphics of Crysis 2 to make it run on the shitty 360 or ps3 with its 512 mb of ram...

Avatar image for ludvig69

i will be so jealous watching those ps4s getting sold...until grown ass men hand over knack as the "go to" game that makes it so better hahaha

Avatar image for XbotSlayer221

@xhawk27 @XbotSlayer221 Panties in a bunch? You seem like an angry xbot. Let me guess, The RROD disaster never happened according to idiots like you. Face it bot the xbone is half baked and rushed. Changing the cpu speed at the last minute should be your first clue dummy..

Avatar image for dmastor

@metgear2000 @jackzor123 @MrPS4luvaluva @Gear64x @XbotSlayer221 @xhawk27 Who cares just buy your PS4

Avatar image for metgear2000

@jackzor123 @MrPS4luvaluva @Gear64x @XbotSlayer221 @xhawk27 you noobs, you think a 150mhz increase in CPU speed is going to make X1 less reliable. I can overclock my PC by 1 Ghz and not have any reliability issues. 150mhz is nothing major.

Avatar image for jackzor123

@MrPS4luvaluva @Gear64x @XbotSlayer221 @xhawk27 had a ps3 since day one and it's still going strong. Had 4 Xbox's... yeah. And all of my friends have had at least 2 360's... not saying the Xbox One will be the same but these guys are right, the RROD was a big issue. Also agree with Xbotslayer221, all these last minute changes don't exactly scream "we're on top of things"

Avatar image for MrPS4luvaluva

@Gear64x @XbotSlayer221 @xhawk27 Are you dumb? comparing the Yellow light's failure rate to the RROD. You must now know anything. The Xbox 360 had a much greater failure rate by far

Avatar image for Gear64x

@XbotSlayer221 @xhawk27 PS fanboy much? Don't forget the yellow light of death lol.

Avatar image for kingotnw

This list makes no sense when you go to BB's website. I have mine preordered, and my store is on that list, but so is every Best Buy in the state. How do you know if the store is going to be open at midnight or not?

Avatar image for metgear2000

@kingotnw call your local BB and ask the manager... :)

Avatar image for XbotSlayer221

Best Buy will have a follow up party the next day for the mass returns on defective xbone's

Avatar image for xhawk27


I like how idiots like you think because MS had a problem with the last gen console that everything from now on is going to have the same problems.

More likely mass returns on defective PSfails on November 16.

Avatar image for NaNoSQDX

At my GameStop in my town they are opening the doors to pre orders so people can chill inside and grab their system and bounce. lol. there are gonna be news vans i bet because our newsstation has nothing to do. try to interview a gamer and all they gonna hear is "i gotta go!" *shoves interviewer* lol

Avatar image for broly1800