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Best Buy Has Some Fantastic PS4, Switch And Xbox One Game Deals Right Now

Best Buy has discounts on a number of great Nintendo Switch games as well as some of the best prices we've seen for PS4 and Xbox One titles.


Best Buy is bringing the heat when it comes to video game deals this week. Today's Deal of the Day delivers Borderlands 3's lowest price we've seen so far, but there are plenty of other incredible deals available this entire week. PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games all see significant discounts, with some dropping below $20. If you've wanted to snag a few new games to play through the summer, this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Borderlands 3 is only $13 on both PS4 and Xbox One, though this deal ends soon, so you'll want to snag it as soon as possible if you're interested. That's incredibly cheap for one of last year's most popular games. Persona 5 Royal also hits one of its lowest prices. For only $40, you get the definitive version of this beloved JRPG, which GameSpot awarded a 10/10 in our Persona 5 Royal review.

The recently released Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection is only $41 on PS4 and $50 on Xbox One. This gets you all of the DLC fighters that have been released for Mortal Kombat 11 so far, including Spawn, The Joker, and RoboCop. It also comes with the new story expansion that features the voice talents of Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa as Shang Tsung, reprising his role from the original 1995 movie.

There are also a number of Nintendo Switch games on sale as well. Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection is only $20--it features both Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle drops to $20 and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is discounted to $40. Two of the most popular Mario games on the Switch are also discounted, though not quite as steeply: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is $52, while Super Mario Odyssey is $50.

These deals are available all week, though it's unclear when exactly they'll end. Be sure to check out the full sale at Best Buy to see all of the available deals.

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