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Best Black Friday Razer Deals: Their Best Gaming Keyboards, Mice, And More On Sale

Black Friday week has brought a lot of deals on Razer products, including gaming keyboard, mouse, and headset options such as the BlackWidow Elite and DeathAdder V2.


Razer is one of the best gaming peripheral makers, with a vast number of products that are well worth your money. Black Friday 2020 is also the perfect time to snag yourself some accessories, as many of the company's best gaming keyboards and gaming mouse options are on sale at Amazon. The Black Friday deals won't last forever, and supplies are limited, so if you're interested in any of these deals, you'll want to snag them quickly. Razer is one of the most popular companies in the PC gaming space, so it's likely stock won't last longer than Cyber Monday.

On the gaming mouse side, the DeathAdder, Viper, and Basilisk (a wireless option) are all on sale right now, ranging in price from $40-$60. We've compiled the best discounts below and will keep them updated as more Razer products go on sale.

If you're looking for more Black Friday deals, there are a number of PC gaming-oriented sales worth keeping an eye on. Newegg's Black Friday sale is in full force at the moment, while retailers like Best Buy have also discounted PC gaming hardware and accessories. Also, check out our guide to the best gaming monitor deals during Black Friday 2020.

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