Best Avengers: Infinity War Deals For Black Friday 2018 (Blu-Ray, DVD, 4K)

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Black Friday is officially here, and this year it includes some heavy discounts on one of the year's biggest movies, Avengers: Infinity War. The blockbuster culmination of the long-running Marvel cinematic universe broke box office records. And if you're eager to watch it again, there are several ways to grab the much loved superhero crossover film.

First, Best Buy has the best price for a Blu-ray and digital combo at $6.99. Just behind it, Walmart has its own markdown for $7.96. Both of those beat Target, which is offering the standard DVD copy for $10. Finally, Best Buy is offering the high-end 4K copy for $14.99. But if you're the patient type, you could just wait for Christmas and watch it on Netflix.

The Infinity War Blu-ray comes with loads of extra features, including four featurettes and a handful of deleted scenes. The deleted scenes include a surprise cameo surprise cameo and a scene that explains how the Guardians knew to head to Titan. It also includes an audio commentary with plenty of revealing tidbits. We even found out what was up with the Hulk. If you're a devotee of the Marvel films, you'll need to catch up and prepare for next year's Captain Marvel film, which has its groundwork laid in Infinity War.

If you're looking for many more Black Friday deals, including lots on games, hardware, accessories, and other tech-geek goodies, check out our Black Friday round-ups. Lots of other Marvel movies are on sale too. Plan your shopping ahead so you can get it done in a snap.

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