Beneath a Steel Sky falling to iPhone

Developer Revolution Software announces new division to work on digitally distributed handheld titles.


Beneath a Steel Sky

Recently, Revolution Software unleashed enhanced versions of the classic point-and-click adventure Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars onto the Wii and DS. The game received a positive critical reception, with the Wii and DS control schemes naturally lending themselves to the genre.

All this coming soon to an iPhone near you.
All this coming soon to an iPhone near you.

Now the developer has announced that more "narrative-based" titles are on their way. A new division of the company has been set up called Revolution Pocket to create games for handheld formats that support online and over-the-air digital distribution. These include the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, PSP Go, and DSi.

The first title to be developed by the newly formed division is the adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky - Remastered. It will initially launch on the iPhone and iPod Touch, with other formats following at a later date. Revolution has promised new features but has not currently disclosed what they might be. However, it has confirmed that new animated movies from Dave Gibbons--cocreator of Watchmen and a designer on the original game--will feature in the updated version. There will also be a new help system to help novice players and improved audio.

Charles Cecil, founder of Revolution Software, and recent guest on the GameSpot UK Podcast, has also promised cheaper games saying, "Digital distribution has changed the game for developers, and it’s great to be able to communicate directly with our audience. The model allows us to ensure that our games offer incredible value for money."

Original titles will also be on their way from Revolution Pocket, though no details have been announced. Beneath a Steel Sky – Remastered will be available on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch in autumn/fall 2009, with pricing yet to be confirmed. Potential releases via DSiWare and the PlayStation store have not been confirmed.

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