Ben 'MrBitter' Nichols leaves NASL for a position at Red Bull eSports

One of NASL's main casters has today chosen to leave the company after two years of loyal service, and has officially become part of Red Bull eSports.


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Ben 'MrBitter' Nichols has today left his casting position at NASL for a position on the Red Bull eSports team. Nichols was one of the organisation's main casters, often acting as a co-caster along side with Kevin 'RotterdaM' Van Der Kooi, who together became one of the SC2 community's favorite casting duos and were christened 'Bitterdam' by the community.

The announcement by NASL doesn't reveal what his exact position at Red Bull will be but quoted Nichols, who said that “StarCraft will still be a huge part of who I am and what I do”.

The statement provided by Nichols suggests that Red Bull will not divert their focus from SC2 in 2014 and will most likely work with continuing the SC2 branch of the Battlegrounds series alongside the recently announced Dota 2 branch of the franchise.

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