Ben Affleck Still Starring In New Batman Movie, Director Confirms

Affleck won't direct the movie, but he's still starring in it, apparently.


When it was announced that Ben Affleck would no longer direct the new Batman film, The Batman, one rumour that floated around was that Affleck would not appear in it, either. Now, new director Matt Reeves has confirmed that, for now at least, Affleck is still the star.

"Yeah, right now that's exactly what's going on--for sure," he said in an interview reported on by Batman-News (via IGN) about Affleck playing the title role in the much-anticipated film.

Affleck in Batman v Superman
Affleck in Batman v Superman

Affleck first played Batman in 2016's Batman v Superman. He'll play the character again in this year's Justice League. A release date for The Batman has not been announced.

Also in the interview, Reeves made it clear that The Batman is not coming out anytime soon. Reeves only recently wrapped War for the Planet of the Apes, and he said The Batman is "only now beginning" production.

Very little is known about The Batman in terms of the story, but we do know that that Joe Manganiello had been cast in the role of the villain Deathstoke. You can see some test footage of Manganiello as the character right here.

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