Behold, The Guinness World Records' Smallest Nintendo 64 Console

The Guinness World Records has certified Gunnar Turnquist's project as the world's smallest Nintendo 64 console.


After uploading a video of his creation in December 2020, YouTuber and modder Gunnar Turnquist's tiny Nintendo 64 has been designated "the world's smallest modified Nintendo 64 console" by the Guinness World Records.

The iconic Nintendo 64 is known for two things: its slimmer profile on an entertainment system (when compared to other consoles) and that awkward controller with its protruding third leg. It wasn't as heavy or as massive as other systems in the '90s, but the Nintendo 64 is still a pretty big console in its own right. Its dimensions stand at 2.87 in tall, 10.23 in wide, and 7.48 in deep.

For Gunnar's part, converting that mass proved difficult. But Gunnar "unlocked the secrets of the motherboard," as he put it on his YouTube video explaining how he constructed the tiny Nintendo 64, and shrunk the system to a smaller chassis. His finished product, a NeoGeo Pocket-looking N64, stands at 3.3 in tall, 4.64 in wide, and 1.77 in deep. These measurements are record-breaking; Gunnar said it's a 23% reduction in total volume from the 2015 record.

Look at how tiny this Nintendo 64 is. It's adorable.
Look at how tiny this Nintendo 64 is. It's adorable.

More importantly, this Nintendo 64 is built using a real Nintendo 64. Gunnar didn't opt for shortcuts, like an emulator or a printed circuit board (PCB). As a result, it plays real cartridges. Check out Gunnar's video about building the process of building the modified N64 console.

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