Behemoth pegs next game for 2010

Teaser trailer for upcoming platformer released a day ahead of schedule; system(s) yet to be determined.


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Since its inception in 2003, The Behemoth has released two games: the multiplatform shooter Alien Hominid and the Xbox 360 downloadable beat-'em-up Castle Crashers. While the studio's output has been less than prodigious to date, The Behemoth is looking to step up its release schedule by finishing its third game for 2010.

Yup, that's a Behemoth game.
Yup, that's a Behemoth game.

The studio today announced the release window in the first teaser trailer for the as-yet-untitled game. While the game appears to be a platformer, glimpses of the action show a multitude of wrinkles in the standard formula. One clip shows the apparently customized characters working cooperatively to traverse the landscape. Another shows them blowing each other away with guns and grenades. Still others show the characters playing soccer or competitively highlighting portions of the level with their distinct colors.

Beyond the glimpses offered in the trailer, details about the game are nonexistent. The Behemoth said it hasn't determined a price point for the game yet, or even which console it will be on. For more on the studio's last title, check out GameSpot's review of Castle Crashers.

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