Become Jerry Seinfeld in this amazing Oculus Rift project

"Jerry's Place" allows you to walk through the iconic apartment.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to walk around Jerry Seinfeld's iconic apartment? One longtime Seinfeld fan is allowing you to do just that, albeit virtually, in his new Oculus Rift project called "Jerry's Place."

Created over the course of one month, Jerry's Place is a true-to-life virtual depiction of the environment featured in the popular '90s TV show. In all, you'll find around 11 references to various episodes hidden throughout the apartment, creator Greg Miller said.

"I tried to be faithful to the show's original props and its era, but some things were near impossible to Google," Miller said. "I did a lot of research and tried to find images of the original products used in the show, and modeled around those dimensions, rather than relying solely on blurry screenshots."

You can download "Jerry's Place" from Miller's website to try it out, but of course, you'll need an Oculus Rift development kit to do that. There's still no word on when the final, consumer version of Oculus Rift will be available or what it will cost, though creator Palmer Luckey said recently that he wants the virtual reality headset to be "affordable."

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Avatar image for Ripper_TV

Why can't it be played without Rift? Or can it?

Avatar image for wyan_

This is close to how I think we'll be watching movies at home eventually. For example, wouldn't it be awesome to watch Blade Runner virtually sitting in Deckard's apartment or in Tyrell's office/suite? I think things like this will continue to be fan made and Hollywood will latch on quickly with hardcore fans easily parting with their money for this kind of stuff. Count me in.

Avatar image for mkeezay22

This doesn't interest me in a way that makes me want to walk around Jerrys place but it makes me wonder how amazing it will be to play some games in first person with crazy visuals, can't wait for the finalized version of OR.

Avatar image for jonmar

I wonder if the puffy shirt is hanging in a closet somewhere in there.

Avatar image for Undertaker575

OMG I WANT AN OCULUS RIFT JUST FOR THIS!!! Seinfeld hands down the greets show ever made!

Avatar image for SnuffDaddyNZ


The official Seinfeld website did have a QuicktimeVR of Jerry's apartment. This gave you a full 360 degree view of the apartment set and audience, plus you could look up and down and zoom in. Obviously you couldn't walk around it, but it was pretty close for what the tech could do back then.

Avatar image for Poodger

This is awesome. Seinfeld remains one of the best sitcoms ever. I would like to take this for a spin someday when I eventually try out an OR

Avatar image for Butt_Chunx

<< LINK REMOVED >> Seinfeld sucks, It was just as bad as Frasier. You should watch a REAL sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing, Modern Family or Mom. I would rather watch news all day then watch one episode of Seinfeld.

Avatar image for guardianofhonor


Correction, all sitcoms suck

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat


Well, you don't have sense of humor then. :|

Avatar image for ChunkyDrawers

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>All those "REAL" ones you mentioned are garbage.

Avatar image for jeremyc99999


Avatar image for Wej_accept_it

Is it kind of sad or kind of awesome that this represents a form of innovation within gaming right now?

Avatar image for jinzo9988

<< LINK REMOVED >> In my opinion sad, because in this particular case it has nothing to do with gameplay. I would argue that this doesn't fall under the category of games anyway... the same way that a virtual tour through places in ancient history that can be used educationally by school children wouldn't fall under games.

Avatar image for SnuffDaddyNZ


My only contention with that is that Myst was considered to be a game.

Avatar image for Creezey

"What's the deal with virtual reality? I mean I don't get it.. am I right people?"

Avatar image for ERRMAHGERD

<< LINK REMOVED >> it makes me dizzy, and due to my eyesight issues, I can't get full focus. It's not on my list of relevant things. vilkommen to ze team.

Avatar image for davea0511

<< LINK REMOVED >> Um ... Creezey was channeling Jerry. What he should have said was:

"What's the deal with virtual reality? It isn't virtual. It isn't reality. If virtual reality is so great ... I've got something even more realistic than virtual reality and it's free! It's called real reality! What's wrong with real reality? Too real for you? Resolution too high? Smells to potent? Tactile feedback too tactile? Or are you just such a looser that you can't get a date in real life? I am I right people?

Avatar image for nl_skipper

lol when I read Jerry Seinfeld, for whatever reason I was thinking Jerry Springer... was wondering what the heck kind of concept this might be... but now it's much more understandable haha.

Avatar image for Pewbert

I'm going to pretend that I want the Oculus Rift for a new gaming experience full of immersion, but the truth is I just want it for the adult games that will almost definitely be created for it.


Avatar image for brxricano

HAHAHAHA ill give it to him this looks pretty hilarious. The only part of the apt. that will look funny is the direction the cameras pointed from, since that would be the edge of the set, but not his fault. I bet the bathroom and the bedroom was the hardest.

Avatar image for breathnac


Avatar image for LesserAngel

Hmm, might be worth getting if Kramer barges in through the door at random.

Avatar image for Creezey

<< LINK REMOVED >> Would be pretty faithful if he does come in and immediately opens the fridge.

Avatar image for brxricano

<< LINK REMOVED >> Or if it starts with the theme song? XD

Avatar image for gatozombii

This is going to be the start to true Second Life simulations. The world is gonna be really dark and awesome with the advancement of more VR games and machines. This is going to be fun

Avatar image for angry_cowtipper

I have an Oculus Rift, and would relish the chance to walk around on the set of my most favorite show ever.

Avatar image for 91210user

This is why I always wanted a VR headset to take off during the 90s. It was stuff like this so I can be like Jerry Seinfeld! Why didn't the Virtual Boy do this?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

<< LINK REMOVED >> Because it gave you splitting headaches.

Avatar image for jyml8582

But I want to become Sheldon.

Avatar image for kovaras1984

Yes this is truly amazing lol... who wrote this dull rubbish... eddie! every time lol

Avatar image for Hurvl

I won't buy it unless it has a button that makes Kramer barge through the door.

Avatar image for wookiegr

This will be the start of the Living Room and TV Legends simulator. Go back in time and visit the sets of The Brady Bunch, Johnny Carson, Cheers, Alf and more!

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

You know that feeling you get in first person games where you jump from a really high place and you feel briefly like you're falling for a bit? That's going to be amazing with the Rift.

Avatar image for Ehggsz

I would so play this.

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

If the Rift truly takes off, and I mean REALLY takes off... this could be revolutionary. This could be how we watch TV shows in the future. Imagine the puzzle solving games like Professor Leyton etc where you go searching through rooms for clues.

I am looking forward to this. It'll be bigger than motion gaming ever was.

Avatar image for nyran125tk

man thats detailed. Its going to be a long time till we see games to ever come close to this kind of detail for every room. Maybe well never see it.

Avatar image for nl_skipper

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't know man, some of the newest games like Max Payne 3 and Hitman Absolution come pretty damn close to this kind of fidelity in every single room. Deus Ex: HR also does a good job at filling out the spaces with believable clutter and personal items.

Avatar image for stillstillstill

someone on eurogamer called for a fraiser apt. i'd just sip wine and spend hours around that, but seinfeld's apt is ok i guess.

Avatar image for Poodger

<< LINK REMOVED >> Are you actually insinuating that Frasier is better than Seinfeld? That makes me laugh.

Avatar image for Ehggsz

<< LINK REMOVED >> I would be totally down for a "Frasier's Place".

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

<< LINK REMOVED >> hey baby i hear the blues a callin.

I'd be more interested in the view from Frasier's balcony... looks amazing.

Avatar image for HideYoKids

this is amazing

Avatar image for grenadehh

Will Jason voice Castanza for DLC? Like unless this becomes a full fledged VR show type of thing who cares .That would be awesome, put you right in the show.

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