Become A Sugar Glider Right Now With Free Prototype Of Away: The Survival Series On PC

Try out Away today.


The developers of Away: The Survival Series--a game in which you play as a Sugar Glider--have released a free demo of sorts for the intriguing-looking adventure game. A "Gliding Prototype" is out now on PC, and it gives you a chance to go hands-on with the animal-based game.

As its name suggests, the gliding demo has you ... gliding around as the Sugar Glider creature. You zip and zoom through the forest, canyons, and caverns in search of prey. The developers say they've also added some Easter eggs in the prototype that allow you to become other animals.

You can find the Easter eggs in the "Exploration" mode from the end of the prototype. Go download the Away prototype here.

Away: The Survival Series is in development at the Montreal-based studio Breaking Walls. Inspired by David Attenborough nature documentaries, you play as the cute little Sugar Glider in a world under siege from natural disaster and other animals. You're separated from your possum family early in the game, and you work tirelessly to become reunited.

Breaking Walls also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish the game and add new features. So far it's raised almost $87,000 CAD, which is well above its $60,000 CAD goal. In passing $80,000 CAD, the developers are now adding the Stag Beetle and the Grasshopper as playable characters. If the campaign hits $125,000 CAD, the studio will add bigger playable animals in the form of the Fox and the Bear.

The music in Away was composed by Mike Raznick, who worked on the acclaimed nature documentaries Life and Planet Earth II.

Away is in development for PC and also PlayStation 4, but a release date hasn't been announced at this stage. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

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