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Become A Shark And Eat Your Friends In Roblox's Jaws Game

Jaws: Infested Waters is available now in a soft-launch in Roblox.


1975's iconic Steven Spielberg movie Jaws is chomping its way to Roblox. Gaming company Orange Comet has announced Jaws: Infested Waters, which is described as an "adrenaline-charged experience" inside Roblox, and it's available now through a soft-launch.

Like the movie, Infested Waters focuses on the tension between the killer great white shark and the summertime beachgoers on Amity Island. For each match, one person is randomly assigned to play the shark and everyone else is a human trying to work together to stay alive.

According to the Infested Waters page on Roblox's website, the game includes customizable shark abilities and underwater battles. Players can also use the shark's tail to whip themselves across the map with great speed. There is also a "Sea Pass" that players can acquire to get additional items. Check out the trailer for Infested Waters below.

This is not the first Jaws video game, as the popularity of the film led companies to try to cash in with tie-ins like Jaws for the NES (1987) and Jaws: The Computer Game (1989).

Infested Waters will officially release in March inside Roblox.

The Burbank, California-based Orange Comet previously worked on the big-time Walking Dead series across a variety of projects, including The Walking Dead Lands. The studio also made NFTs for Scottie Pippen and the NHL.

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