Become a Piece of Bread in the Next Game from Surgeon Simulator Creators

Watch the announcement trailer for Bossa Studios' "I Am Bread" right now.

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The developer of quirky surgery game Surgeon Simulator has announced its next project, and it is certainly different. "I Am Bread" is a game that tells "the beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks on a quest to become toasted."

Based on the game's announcement trailer (above), your goal as a slice of bread is to move throughout a home in an effort to increase your delectability without getting too damaged. There are "edibility" and "deliciousness" meters that scale up and down depending on what you do.

For example, as you might expect, falling into the toilet brings your "deliciousness" meter down to zero, though your "edibility" score remains high. Attaching yourself to other tasty food items will increase your deliciousness. The trailer ends with the slice of bread catapulting itself onto a plate, where presumably it will be eaten.

It appears you'll control the piece of bread in a manner that resembles a mash-up of Katamari Damacy and Octodad, in that you can individually manipulate the bread's four corners to move through the environment.

The I Am Bread trailer only shows Xbox buttons. This doesn't necessarily mean the game will be exclusive to Xbox 360 or Xbox One, as an Xbox controller is often the input of choice for PC games that have controller support.

We'll have more details on I Am Bread as they become available.

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