Beautiful Katamari rolling to Europe

Xbox 360 iteration of the quirky universe-in-a-ball game coming to PAL regions in Q1.


Europeans were worried it might never happen. Looking back, the very first Katamari game--Katamari Damacy, brainchild of oddball game director Keita Takahashi--never made it to European shores.

The sequel, We Love Katamari, was released in the region on February 3, 2006, but since the release of Beautiful Katamari on October 16 in the US, there has been no official word on a date for the game in Europe.

Atari today reassured those gamers that the game would indeed be coming to Europe--and although it doesn't have a definite date, it will be sometime in February.

Beautiful Katamari is the first game in the series to leave the PlayStation brand and travel to the 360. The game promises more of the same addictive rolling action and soundtrack, as well as feature a host of multiplayer options. Up to four players will be able to battle it out to roll up the biggest Katamari, and a range of "suitably Katamari-style downloadable content" will also be available.

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