Beatles: Rock Band outsold Guitar Hero 5 - Analysts

Wedbush Morgan projections have Fab Four game outselling Activision's latest nearly 2:1 in debut month; EEDAR says both titles exceeded expectations.


With the music genre on the decline of late, MTV Games and Activision brought out the big guns for their hopeful holiday hits in September. MTV tapped the single biggest act in the history of rock for The Beatles: Rock Band, while Activision sweetened the deal for Guitar Hero 5 customers by giving away copies of the forthcoming Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

Each and every man under Sgt. Pepper's command owes him 100 Activision scalps… and he wants his scalps!
Each and every man under Sgt. Pepper's command owes him 100 Activision scalps… and he wants his scalps!

The push appears to have worked, as Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter and Electronic Entertainment Design and Research's Jesse Divnich both projected big numbers for the pair in their September sales predictions.

When the industry-tracking NPD Group reveals its September US retail sales figures next week, Pachter expects The Beatles: Rock Band to have racked up 1.3 million sales across all versions, with Guitar Hero 5 moving 700,000 copies. He also expects the MTV Games title to have driven sales of last year's Rock Band 2 full band kit, as the primary Beatles-branded game-and-instruments bundles carried a steep premium price.

Divnich agrees that The Beatles sold more games than Guitar Hero 5, but expects a much narrower gap between the two. He projected The Beatles: Rock Band to hit 1 million copies sold for the month, with Guitar Hero 5 tallying 800,000.

Those numbers might come as a shock to Dan Rosensweig, president and CEO of Activision's Guitar Hero division, RedOctane. In mid-September, the former Yahoo! COO told the Financial Times that Guitar Hero 5 was outselling The Beatles: Rock Band by a 4:1 ratio in the US, and as much as 9:1 in "other markets."

"While many want to paint a David vs. Goliath scenario (MTV Games vs. Activision), EEDAR feels that scenario presents an unfair comparison and suggests that one must be 'victorious' over the other," Divnich wrote in a note to investors. "That is certainly not the case, as both Guitar Hero 5 and Beatles: Rock Band have both performed at levels ahead of retail expectations."

Divnich noted that music genre revenues have been down nearly 50 percent year-to-date, but said the late push from Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band could reduce that shortfall to 10-15 percent by year's end.

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Avatar image for FF_Tactics

metroidprimer, watch the Beatles: Rock Band review.

Avatar image for metroidprimer

wow all the GH 5 hate and Beatles love. i gotta defend my guitar hero but i gotta be honest, i only bought it for van halen. that said, what makes RB: Beatles so great? the fact that its got the Beatles? that its not made by activision? seriously. saying a band is the best ever is simply opinion, it can't be proven either way. hating activision? well, i can understand that. On a side note, i will laugh when all you hypocrites whine about Activision milking GH, and then go buy lego rock band. lol

Avatar image for Maxim_Bryant

Dan Rosensweig is full of fail and terrible lies.

Avatar image for Thatguysawesome

crap game vs. crap game. and the winner is..........(drumroll)........crap game!!

Avatar image for MattHopeKids

I got guitar hero 5 but am planning to get beatles rock band. Seriously who cares which one wins, I get to plan and enjoy them both, that's what everyone should do, just enjoy them.

Avatar image for Kashmir1089

I think the fact that anyone really cares who sold more is dumb. I play both games and enjoy them a lot. So you go ahead and continue debating who is the best ill be having FUN.

Avatar image for CaptainHerlock

@ckat609 Apple(the people who represent The Beatles and their interests) didn't want a situation like in Guitar Hero 5, where you had Kurt Cobain used as a puppet, miming other artists songs. Beatle fans don't want that as well. When you go to the people who represent The Beatles and you say you want to make a game, when they say "we want our own game" you give it to them. No questions asked. They aren't a "big act", they're the BIGGEST ACT.

Avatar image for Get_Shorty

Booyaaa! Beatles Rock Band nay sayers!!

Avatar image for zaiwen

^ Activision says alotta things, they're just bitter they didn't acquire the beatles to incorporate in the GH games.. good thing it didn't

Avatar image for DS_fan_atic

didn't activision say GH5 was outselling the beatles 9:1?

Avatar image for Hvac0120

Sales are declining because Activision has put out so many GH games over the past couple years that consumers no longer have the drive to buy another rehash of the same game. They are trying to give people reasons to buy with Aerosmith, Metallic, Van Halen, et certa, but it's not working because ultimately they are still your typical GH games. I keep my hopes up that Rock Band doesn't follow that too closely. At least the PSP title does something completely different. These games may be profitable, but they won't be for much longer if Activision continues to sell 5 different GH games every year. _

Avatar image for punkpunker

yay! good job. i'm i hearing kotick crying after he lied that GH5 will sell 4:1 to the beatlemania?

Avatar image for Binarynova

I don't care if Beatles: Rock Band beats out Guitar Hero 5. I only hope that it does well enough to convince MTV games to release not only 3 Beatles albums as DLC, but all of them. :)

Avatar image for hibikino

They are both great games that provide good fun none the rest

Avatar image for -SPECTER-MIKE

I am surprised at this, yes RB Beatles is a better game but I am shocked that the mass public realized this.

Avatar image for firehawk998

I love the beatles : rock band game. Awesome game. If any one watched " The tonight show with Conan O brien they would understand this" I want Labamba RockBand!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Avatar image for zaiwen

its the BEATLES, of course they will outsold GH

Avatar image for punch37

i'm happy that beatles sold more because this year there was how many guitar heros 5 i think that is way to many for one year metallica is the only one worth playing smash hits is a waste of time and gh5's setlist is the worst one yet beatles: rock band is a right fun game

Avatar image for wiifan001

My main gripe with Guitar Hero is there's too many all at once. Smash Hits is the only Guitar Hero game that should never have been made on to the consoles. I love Metallica and Van Halen. GH5's setlist is the worst setlist I've seen yet and I seriously would've regretted this purchase if not for Van Halen. Van Halen, Metallica, Smash Hits, and GH5 simply should've been spaced out more. Furthermore, Beatles rock! :D

Avatar image for AuronTsubaki85

At least Rock Band takes their time when it comes to making their games instead of announcing each month a new release, that is the reason why they are pummeling Guitar Hero down to the ground. Activision starts spreading bullcrap about beating them ends up in failure. Activision start going back to Rhythm-Based Gaming 101 & you'll learn your mistakes sooner or later before you attack a Rock Band game with the legendary fab four. Better luck next time. RB:TB 10 GH 5:0

Avatar image for daabulls23

Guitar Hero is sort of like Madden: a good game, but it becomes the same game when it's released every year. For me, GH:2 was the best, and it didn't even feature the original tracks!

Avatar image for KittyHeart

i am a huge guitar hero fangirl, and even i feel scrwed over by activision. i am actually glad beatles sold more thatn gh5.

Avatar image for storm_07

Yes! The Beatles FTW! :D

Avatar image for KingOfOldSkool

I'm sorry.. I just dont see the whole "$60 for an 85 song setlist that includes harder tracks" thing from Guitar Hero 5 supporters. GH5's setlist was probably the worst of the main iterations.. I found myself struggling to bother going on(and fighting a boredom induced coma) half the time. I mean.. I'm as big a fan of Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom & Darkest Hour as anybody.. but one overcharted song from each of them was not enough to save the setlist's appeal. Anyways.. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I'd rather pay for the best of a great band than the passable of a handful of lesser bands.. especially if it is as uninspired as GH has been since part 3.

Avatar image for wetwilli64

This restores my faith in humanity. guitar hero 6 will destroy it all over again.

Avatar image for D_West

Go Harmonix!

Avatar image for Xcite79

Maybe next time they won't be so rash by making it a competition.

Avatar image for Death_Blade_182

Of course The Beatles: Rock Band outsold GH5, Activision's claims were obviously a load of BS

Avatar image for bbdowalt

Congrats on getting sweet revenge Harmonix!

Avatar image for Elvis4576

John Lennon would be proud

Avatar image for Paul2005


Avatar image for xblane

I personally don't understand why people value the really difficult tracks in music games... I get the whole completionist thing... I enjoy the tracks that have good charts associated with them... doesn't matter how hard they are.

Avatar image for YIRock

i always knew Harmonix had it in them =)

Avatar image for SlowMotionKarma

Guitar Hero... World Tour, Aerosmith, Metallica, Smash Hits, 5, Van Halen and then Band Hero all within a year and it's no surprise their revenues are down 50 percent. I love Rock Band, one of the main reasons being they focus on DLC releases. I don't have to swap between 50 different iterations to play songs I want AND I can pick and choose the songs I want, instead of being stuck buying a "full game" for only some of the songs. While the Beatles is a great game with amazing art design, it's still essentially a glorified DLC-not-available-as-DLC. In all honesty, I'd trade the looks for the songs online to play with my Rock Band 2.

Avatar image for MazehcS0ul

I see why...Their are a hell of a lot Beatles fans. and look at Guitar Hero (5th sequel) and they already made Aerosmith, Metallica... and others. Both are O.K games, but however would it be nice to listen to those songs, not by video games.

Avatar image for ckat609

" genre revenues have been down nearly 50 percent..." Hmm... could this be because they're releasing too much crap as stand a lone games instead of releasing the songs as DLC? Don't get me wrong, I love The Beatles and I did get the game but I still would prefer DLC over a disc any day of the week. I don't get why they can't or won't mod the characters and venues for stuff like The Beatles and other artists on their DLC... if that's what the artists are worried about.

Avatar image for Ozzie234

If I were Kotic I would kick the Guitar Hero responsibles so hard and so instantly It'd be surreal.....

Avatar image for BigNalive

You just complain, but this Beatles Rock Band is really nice.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Sounds about right to me. When you factor in that they gave away another game with GH5, even makes it look better.

Avatar image for Justinge3

After Guitar Hero 3 things got worse. Way too much milking (Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, Band Hero)

Avatar image for metal_militia89

This goes to show how much Activision are full of themselves. Last GREAT Guitar Hero game was GH3. Enough said

Avatar image for GreggD

@Ozzie234: It's not Neversoft's fault that they are tasked with making so many GH games. Be mad at Bobby Kotick if you want to point some fingers.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Good to hear this

Avatar image for D3A7HJ0K3R

Both games are okay, one has classic songs from a LEGENDARY BAND, the other is basically a set of random songs from whoever RedOctane wanted.

Avatar image for asm607

oh and for anyone out there who actually cares about graphics in music games (I really don't), GH5 indisputably has the best graphics of any music game.

Avatar image for big_and_dumb

There hasn't been a good GH game since 2 & 3 in 07.

Avatar image for SocialAnXieTy

The reason music game revenues were down 50% this year is because Activision pops out a GH game every month.. naturally, people aren't going to buy nearly as much with all of these games out, so the figures look bad in the end. But then again, if Activision wasn't so concerned with making money they wouldn't be having this problem. I'm happy that TB:RB is selling more than GH5 though, just goes to show that people prefer quality over quantity. Now maybe if Rosensweig would figure that out, maybe the Guitar Hero franchise could restore some integrity to its name.

Avatar image for Ozzie234

Activision has RUINED Guitar Hero. How this was possible is just like the phail story of the Ps3: beyond comprehension. "let's see...the last game was all non-guitar oriented crappy poser songs anyone could finish on expert at sleep.... soo..... let's give them a SNOOZEFEST this time!!!... and ...o yeah, let's **** up the hopo-system to not even simulate guitar play anymore!!... YES that's it!!" Here's my message to you Neversoft: Burn In Hell GH:SH was the last one for me. There won't be another. And this is a promise. BTW: I got The Beatles:Rock Band :)

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